Why Use a Sales Funnel? There Are More Reasons Then You Think!

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Everyone that wants to sell their products or services should use sales funnels. It’s easy to write, but why? Read here to find out why use a sales funnel!


A sales funnel will convert more visitors to customers and increase your average order value. That way you will grow your business and help more people with your product. This is very important when using paid advertising so you get the most out of your advertising money.

So what is it with the sales funnels that do this?

Why you want to use a sales funnel

I think the best way is to start with a story from Russell Brunson, the CEO and co-founder of ClickFunnels. 

Russell Brunson sold a course on how to build a potato gun in his youth. He paid for advertising on Google and made a few bucks every day.

Then Google increased their price for advertising and he lost money each day. Russell paid more money for each customer then the customer paid for the product. To stop losing money, he turned off the advertising, and his potato gun business was now over.

Then a friend of him discovered a solution to this. All Russell Brunson had to do is to add a upsell to his course. So Russell partnered with a man who sold potato guns. So after people ordered his potato gun course, they received the option to buy a finished potato gun. That way people didn’t need to go and purchase the different parts, but still got all the information about how to get the most fun out of the gun in a safe way.

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So why do sales funnels work? 

You Build Rapport And Trust With Sales Funnels

During a period of time, I was buying lots of books. The books were free, all I had to do was to pay for shipping and handling. So the price was low. Some times I bought the upsell if I liked the offer, other times I bought just the book. If I didn’t know them, I was most likely to only order the book. 

Most of the books were real books with high content value where I learned a lot about the topic they were writing about. At the same time, I learned a little about the writer so they built rapport and trust with me. And after reading their books, I wanted to learn more and actually bought more from some of them. 

But I also remembered the few books where I received a booklet where half the content was about how great they were. All the things they have archived that for me appeared as boasting. Their goal was probably to tell me how knowledgeable they were to sell me more, but they didn’t give me much value. And compared to some of the other books, this was not a great experience for me. 

So they who over-delivered and gave me high value, most likely also received more money from me. After their first product, I knew that they not only deliver what they promised, but they also over-delivered and gave me a very good experience. 

If they have tried to sell me something of high price from the beginning, I most likely have turned them down. I didn’t know them and I didn’t trust them. Their low priced product that hooked me got me into their business. This is the goal with a good sales funnel with a value ladder. 

Read my article about value ladder by clicking here.

Sales Funnels Gives The Correct Value To The Correct Price

I have many times seen offers with great value. If I bought the offer, I got all these cool things. The price was probably correct for the value I received, but many of the things I didn’t really care about. So I turned the offer down. If they have used a sales funnel, I could order the main product, and turn down all the other parts. 

It’s like buying music albums in the bast. The artist had one cool song that I liked, but if I wanted to listen to it, I had to buy the other 12 crappy songs on the cd. This made many people turn to illegal downloading that gave the artist zero money. When apple offered to purchase the one good song only, the artist at least got some money, and people could own their music legally. 

You want to offer what your customer wants, don’t push a big pricy offer on them. That way you will still earn money and hopefully, you will earn more later when they trust you more. 

Sales Funnels Gives Awareness 

Not every potential customer is aware of your product. So you want to educate some of your potential customers what you can do for them, and how your product or service will help them. 

For them, you want to give away something for free, a report or ebook or check sheet that will help them. This is named lead magnet. To get this free lead magnet, they have to give you their email address so you can continue to educate them through emails. 

In the lead magnet, you make sure to mention the product you are selling that will be the next thing they need and how this product will help them. 

Then you continue to educate and build trust with them through emails so they want to purchase from you. 

I have written a post about what is a sales funnel. You will see examples of different funnels and other tips on how to create one.


I hope this post has given you some arguments about why you want to use a sales funnel. If you want to know more about funnels and how you can create one, I recommend you to join The One Funnel Away Challenge. I have written a review of One Funnel Away Challenge you can read. 

You can also read more on their homepage for full details. 

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