10 Ways To Make Money Online

If you want to make money online you have several options. Then you need to find out what you are interested in and what suits you. Hope you will enjoy my list.

Make online by doing e-commerce

E-commerce is a big and growing business with a lot of opportunities and ways to organize it. The traditional method is to buy a lot of products and advertise them in your store. When a customer buys, you send the product to them. This method requires a bit of money to start, but are far cheaper than a brick and mortar store.

This is also the best way to organize your store since you have the most control of the product chain. In the beginning, you can send it out yourself. Later you can hire other people to do it for you or buy the service from a fulfillment company.

Make money by doing dropshipping

Dropshipping is the most beginner friendly method to do e-commerce. You find products from other sellers or manufacturers that your list in your store. This way you don't need to buy products up front. When a customer buys from your store, you use this money and contact your supplier that will send the product to your customer.

The most used method is to start a Shopify store and use Aliexpress as a supplier. You don't have as much control of your supply chain, and shipping takes a bit time. This is great to start with and find products that sell. To stand out from other dropshippers and get more control, you should buy the products you sell in larger quantities and use fulfillment centers to ship the products to your customers. Amazon Prime with short delivery time is sort of forcing overseas dropshippers to do that.

Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote others products. This is also a very beginner friendly method and can be done in several ways. The most common method is to write articles and reviews that will rank in the search engines. So people that search for an answer to their problem will find your article that will give them a solution.

Then they can click on your affiliate link and go to the product page your promote. If they buy, you get a commission from the purchase. This way you earn money without to have customer support or make your own product. This can also be a passive income that needs minimal maintenance after the initial work with the articles and your site.

How to make money with courses

Most people are hungry for information, and they spend hours digging and looking up for things online. Therefore, if you package a small course that you can deliver to your clients online, you can make a few bucks off the same without incurring a lot. Most people even teach languages online through platforms such as Skype whereas others also use platforms such as Instagram. Several people educate their clients about things such as cryptocurrencies which have been wiping people off their feet.

People struggle on a daily basis to learn about things which appear alien to them including things that they struggle to deal with on a regular basis. Some people want motivational lessons; others wish teachings about weight loss or playing a specific instrument or communicating within a particular language fluently. The topics are virtually endless. You can, therefore, create some modules and you will be sure to make something of this continually growing and evolving multi-billion industry.

Make money by purchase and sell websites online

This is the method where investors have been scampering away for the safety of their investments. You can create a marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect from distinct parts of the world, and you get to retain a certain proportion emanating from every sale. It requires quite some high level of investment and capital, and it also has several risks just like any other investment. With a lot of work, your site can grow well and become a good pool for the purchase and selling of websites. You will then be guaranteed to make some considerable amount of income from the sales.

Write E-books to make money online

E-books have skyrocketed to become a leading model for making money online. It has transformed and revolutionized the old and conventional way of publishing books.

The old ways of selling books are therefore a thing of the past. The rapid growth of technology has accelerated the access to computers thus most people are technologically savvy, and they can download the e-books and read them from their laptop or tablets.

E-books already now occupy the considerable percentage of books that are sold in the United States which is approximately 20% of the total books sold.

Your books can also be sold directly from your website, and they can be written in varying genres.

You can also create an account on Amazon to sell your books, and it can be marketed on social media websites providing or furnishing a direct link to purchase the book directly on Amazon. Amazon has already a lot of customers and your books will be more easy to find them on your website.

Freelancing is a great source of money

Freelancing is an excellent way of making money online where this specific skill set of freelancing can be employed to generate enough revenue if put to good use. This entails the use of websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

You can make money as a website designer including graphics and other related things. Other people also make colossal amounts of money by editing podcasts and other tools such as freelance writing. This entails being paid premised on the number of words that you write, especially in article writing, blogging and in the conduct of marketing through emails.

Make an income from sponsored content and ads

This is most lucrative for people who have websites with heavy and credible traffic. This also includes other social media platforms where you can get paid to advertise things based on the number of followers or likes that your page has. A podcast can also be instrumental in selling content and advertisement as long you podcast have many listeners.

If you have an affiliate site or other websites, this can be an online income that grows your bank account. A little side income that adds up to the rest of your revenue streams. Remember this is passive income that you don't need to maintain.

Do blogging to make money

Create a blog mainly for the use of WordPress helps you to start making some stellar online income. Mostly, this is passive income, and you have to ensure that you generate a lot of traffic in a bid to monetize the blog. You also have to create a lot of content to ensure that your blog does not end up becoming outdated. However, it might take you a lot of time before you monetize the blog and generate income from it. It also includes a lot of maintenance costs if you want to have an excellent blog.

Consultation and coaching services as online income

There is a myriad of topics which you can coach people about. Some topics have been a subject of a rather long and tedious semantic debate, but people are always willing and ready to be coached on the right topics. As long the coaching appears appealing and vital to them, people will buy to gain knowledge. In this contemporary and fast-moving world, people are struggling with issues such as confidence, how to dress and present oneself for an interview, marital issues, and relationship issues and goals etcetera. This can be a gratifying task especially if you are very passionate about the same.


It is therefore succinctly clear that it is possible to make money online through the above-highlighted methods if you follow through and are very consistent.

The only thing that you should be wary of is online schemes which delude gullible and innocent people. The people who are always in a rush to make money as fast as possible through all means available.

Online marketing was straightforward in the past, but now you have more competition. You have to be a bit smarter and work a little bit harder, but the opportunities are absolutely there. Not only for a bit of side income but also to live the online dream as a millionaire.

To gain the knowledge to do this can be hard. You can learn a lot from on Youtube that has videos about almost everything for free. The downside is you can easily be sidetracked on Youtube. You can also gain so much different information that you will be confused. To pay for courses and information with proven methods can be very time saving and lucrative. Why waste time and money for a couple of years to learn it yourself? You can pay for access to a course that will, most probably, give you results in a couple of months. Time is also money so use it wisely.

Today we generally watch too much TV or play too much computer games. Do some research, watch some youtube videos, read some blogs (this one) to find out more about these topics. Maybe buy a course and learn something about the topics. Do something useful instead of watching tv or play video games in your spare time. This can be a side income that pays for the next vacation. With a bit of work, this can also be your online dream.

Can you watch tv a few hours less next week to start your path to online income?