Traffic Secrets Review – Will Russell Brunson’s New Book Deliver?

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Struggling with too little traffic, or do you want more? Then you need to read Traffic Secrets By Russell Brunson. Read my review of the coming book here. 

Hi there, my name is Richard and I have followed Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels, for some time now. I have listened to his podcasts and watched his free and paid courses. So I have an idea of what this book will be about. I have also seen videos from where Russell Brunson's do a presentation of the book. 

If you don’t know how Russell Brunson writes books, he always put it in front of an audience first to test the material. That way he sees what's working and what needs more explaining. That way the book will be as good as possible. Parts of this presentation are on the internet and I have watched it. 

Traffic Secrets is a book on how to get traffic to your site or offer. Russell Brunson doesn’t want to write a book about tactics that work this year, he wants to write a book about evergreen methods that will work forever. More about evergreen methods later. 

Traffic Secrets Review - My thoughts about the coming book 

Traffic is important and the lack of traffic to your page or offer is the biggest problem most entrepreneurs have. You can have the world’s best article or offer, but without traffic to your page, few to none will see it. So traffic is important and Russell Brunson's coming book is important.

What’s included in Traffic Secrets?

Since the book is not out yet,  a table of content is still not available. I will go through what Russell Brunson presented from his book and what he has taught in different courses he has made.  

What is traffic? 

Traffic is a misleading word that makes you forget what traffic really is. Traffic is humans with desires and needs and you need to treat them that way. You want to give them value that solves their problems and help them reach their goals. 

You don't want to rely on tactics to get people to your site. You want to understand human behavior and how traffic works. The Internet is just another media. 

People that create their business based on one thing will not survive. One time everyone made a lot of money with Google ads. Then the price increased and people that were depended on Google ads lost their business.

The same was with people that used Facebook pages to drive traffic to their offers. Facebook become crowded and Zuckerberg adjusted the algorithm to show fewer posts from pages to make owners pay for the traffic.

Then the Facebook newsfeed becomes even more crowded, and the price for ads increased. The tactics that worked before doesn't work anymore. 

Many of the people that in the past made a lot of money, left their day job and drove around in expensive cars is now back at the 9-5 job. 

So what can we learn from this? 

You want to focus on evergreen methods, things that will work for a long time. Don't jump on every shiny object.

You also don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. Different tactics for getting traffic that worked in the past, suddenly don't work anymore and you lose your business. This can happen overnight or slowly as it has been with Facebook. And don’t get me wrong, Facebook ads to great offers and other tactics on Facebook still works, but this is not your audience. As long you rely on Facebook, its Facebook audience and they can do what they want. 

Your Dream Customer Journey

You want to start with your dream customer. Think about who you want to serve. This is important because you don’t want to serve the wrong group. This step is something many entrepreneurs find it hard and skip. You don't want to be in the situation Russell Brunson was in where he hated what he did because of the customers he had. He wished that he had a boss that could fire him, but since he was the boss, this was not a solution. So he needed to change his bait and attract new types of customers. 

So he sat down and figured out who his dream customer was and how he could serve them. He started to describe the person, both for men and women. He also searched on the internet for a picture so he could better visualize the person when he made content. That way he could speak to his dream customer. Remember to do it for both men and women as long this niche is not for one gender only, surprisingly few niches are for one gender only. 

The temperature on your audience

It was Eugene Schwartz that started to educate about the cold, warm and hot audience. What he teched us was: 

  • Cold: The person has a problem, but don't know how to solve it or what he needs. Address his problem and teach him what he needs to do solve his problem.
  • Warm: He has a desire. So you want to address his desire and tell him how to solve it.
  • Hot: The person is aware of your product so you can use your product in the headline and he will know what this is. He wants to buy, but need a little push to open his wallet. 

So let say your cold audience doesn’t have money. You tell them that you can make money on the internet. The cold audience will now become warm since you have given them a desire.  

The warm audience has probably tried to make money online before and is struggling. Now you need to tell them that they need a website.

The hot audience maybe has a regular website but are still struggling. You tell them that regular websites are dead and they need funnels. To create funnels they need ClickFunnels. 

So you want to talk differently to the different people based on their temperature. You can't tell someone with a money issue that they need ClickFunnels, they will not understand why. So you need to educate them first. 

You also want to start with the hot audience since it's the least work to sell to them. Then you sell to the warm audience that is a much bigger audience than the hot audience. The biggest audience is the cold one, but they need much more work. This is also the audience most people struggle to convert to a buyer. If you manage to convert the cold audience, you have a very lucrative business. 

Search vs interests (interruption)

Search is based on something people are needing. They need something and go to look for the best one at the lowest price. Like going on Amazon and sort at the lowest price and pick the one with most stares at the lowest price. Or goes to google and click on the 5 tops links and pick one of them. They are price sensitive. 

You can use search traffic to get them inside your world and get them through your value ladder. 

Interruption is based on desire. They don't need what you offer them, so you need to sell the offer on the perceived value. Make it fantastic and people desire your product and will spend 5 times more to get it. You need a hook, story, and offer. You target warm traffic since this is based on interest.

Where are your dream customers? 

Try to get in the mindset of your audience and find where you can find them. Try to understand the different pain points your audience is in. That way you can find them with both search and interests. When you understand your audience, you are able to write articles, advertising and things like that. 

The searchers: What are the different keywords you people are using to search for your products? Do one for the warm audience and one for the cold audience. 

The scrollers: Where are they? Where can you find them? Where do they hang out? 

Try to understand the different pain points your audience is in. That way you can find them with both search and interests. When you understand your audience, you are able to write articles, advertising and things like that. 

The Secret formula

The secret formula from DotCom Secret is still valid. You need to find who you want to serve, then find where they are, create a bait and get the result. 

secret formula

You have now learned how to find who and where they are. You now want to find your voice and work with your Dream 100 list that is a part of where you can find your audience. 

Find your voice

The most important thing is you need to find your voice. So if you love to read blogs, you start a blog. If you love to watch videos to get information, you start a Youtube channel. Or if you love podcasts, you start a podcast. 

Pich one medium and start telling your story, what has happened and where are you going. Share knowledge and document your journey. By doing that, you build an audience. So when you are ready you already have a following that wants your content. You have already learned what is working and what is not working. 

You can read more about the attractive character in DotCom Secrets

Dream 100

Dream 100 is a powerful concept that can be used in any aspect of your life. You want to create a list of people in your niche and competitive niches. This are people you want to use to grow your audience and get a bigger name in your niche. 

So if you want to start a Youtube channel, you create a list of Youtube channels in your niche and competitive niches. YOu want to have small, medium and big Youtube channels in your list.

The dream 100 concepts are explained more in DotCom Secrets

Traffic that you earn

The best method is to start with the free method and this is to work your way into the different names on your list. So you reach out to them where you present yourself and ask how you can help them. You can suggest an interview where they can teach your growing audience about them and their products. This works usually best for the people that are just above you in size. Then you work yourself upwards in your list. 

So why do you want to do interviews or let them talk about their products or visions? They will most likely send their audience to that interview for them to watch and will gain a portion of their followings. By doing this to multiple people, you will grow your channel much faster. 

Traffic that you control

The bigger names or some people will never promote your content so you have to buy yourself in. So you run advertising where you target the audience to that person. That way you can personalize your message to that type of audience. 

What is the goal of your Dream 100 list?

The goal of your Dream 100 list is to do market research and use other more successful people’s audience to grow your audience. So you work your way in or buy your way into other people’s audience and move them over to traffic you own. This is usually an email list since you own your email list. Facebook can change the rules of messenger bots and you lose your audience. Facebook can shut down your account and you lose your audience and they don't need to tell you why.

The bait

You need to create a bait where you can get people to your world. So how do you find the bait to fish your dream customer? 

You need to understand your audience, both for creating the bait, but also for the copywriting. What are their pain points? Whats makes them excited? Do you target a warm or hot audience? 

One general rule of thumb is the most effective bait is something that moves people away from pain. Most people value the avoidance of pain the highest. 

For entrepreneurs is a bit different. They value pleasure higher and a bait that focuses on their pleasure is usually most effective. 

An effective strategy is to create an opportunity switch. An example can be giving entrepreneurs that struggling to convert visitors to subscribers a case study on how ClickFunnels increased the conversion for someone or a test you did. 

Front end funnels or self-liquidating funnels

Front end funnels are funnels where you give away something for free or to a low price. The front end funnel is the funnel that moves people into your business so they can know you and trust you. You want to create many front end funnels to move people from the traffic you control or earn to traffic you own. That way you are able to create follow up funnels, where email marketing is important, where you educate, entertain and promote to afterward. 

If you mainly work yourself in, you can give products away for free. If you buy yourself in, it’s recommended that you create something named self-liquidating funnel. This is funnels where you are also selling something to a low cost. The goal of this funnel is to get your advertising cost back. That way you gain subscribers and customers for free. After that, all income will be profit. 

You can, of course, choose to take a loss in the beginning, to earn it back in the future, but few people have the patience to run advertising for several months before they get their money back. And only a few people that are new to this have the money and courage to do this. So you want a self-liquidating funnel. 

You want to brainstorm all the time on how you can provide more value to the people you are surviving! How can you create more front end funnels that get more people inside your world? 

Your Value Ladder

You have your own show where you are educating and entertaining your audience. You are using the dream 100 to get people to your show and move them to traffic you own by using front end funnels. 

value ladder

Value ladder from DotCom Secrets

You now want to have your main offer and a value ladder. If you don’t have something to sell, you can choose to be an affiliate. You still want to choose one main product you want to offer. If you want to promote more products, promote products that will be an addition to the main product.  So I’m promoting ClickFunnels because it's the best funnel builder and I believe funnels are the future, but I’m also promoting the other products from ClickFunnels since they will help you with your funnels. You need to understand the secrets of traffic so you get more people to your funnels. 

The value ladder is the structure of your funnels and business. 

You want to create a value ladder in the funnels you are creating, but also an overall business structure. So you start by offering a low priced product with a low value to your new audience. When they know you and trust you, they want more so they order the next thing you have for them to a higher price. And if you deliver at each step, they will climb the value ladder. That way your customers will receive the correct value to the correct price.

If you have only one step on the value ladder, you will lose business and you will help fewer people. Your goal is to help as many as possible, that's why you want the value ladder. Both in your funnels, but also in your overall business strategy. 

Follow up funnels

You are building an audience by pushing people to your front end funnels where they sign up to receive more communication from you. Now you want to educate, entertain and promote more to them where the goal is to move them up your value ladder. This is named follow up funnels. 

Follow up funnels is as mention often email marketing, but can also be Facebook messenger or other means of communication. Follow up funnels is where you are usually earning most of your money. You can make money on your front end funnels also, but the big income is from your follow up funnels. 

Don't focus on how, focus on who

You have a vision and you work to create what you see down the road, but then you stop at a roadblock. You will see many roadblocks that you need to solve so you can continue to your goal. You can choose to work hard to get past, and you spend a lot of time on how to solve it. You lose your focus and spend all your time on all the different roadblocks. 

Or you can choose to get help. Create a rolodex of people that know how to solve this issue. You do that by hiring different people to solve the tasks and you write down who was good that you can contact if you need them later. That way you still have the focus on your vision. 

Need to do facebook ads? Don’t struggle with the how, find someone that knows how to do it. Find the who!

You always don't need to pay with money. You can be creative and think out of the box. Do something for them, tell them your vision and people will come to you. You can pay them by giving them a cut of the income, dividend or other things. 

Traffic Secrets Price

Traffic Secrets will most likely be free like his other books DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets

All you need to do is pay for shipping that is $7.95 inside the US and $14.95 for international shipping. 

What a deal on a book that will give you a decade of Russell Brunson's knowledge. 

Conclusion on my Traffic Secrets Review

I have read the DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets of Russell Brunson so I know his books are good. He wants to create something he will be remembered for so I’m looking forward to this book. 

I have made this review based on what he has taught in this podcast, courses and what I have seen of his presentation. So I have an idea what this book will be about and I have tried to summarize the content in this review. 

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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