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Want to read Traffic Secrets to get your dream customers to your website? Do you struggle with limiting time? Then listen to the Traffic Secrets audiobook so you can do it while commuting, training or doing other things. 


Hi there, my name is Richard and you will now learn what Traffic Secrets Audiobook is and where to get it to the best deal. 

I bought Traffic Secrets during the book launch and I also bought the audiobook. That way I was able to listen to the audiobook right away, more than a month before others received the book in the mail. 

Traffic Secrets is a part of Russell Brunson’s Secrets trilogy where DotCom Secrets is the first book. 

Dotcom Secrets is all about how to structure your business and why you want to use funnels to massively improve your income. People loved the book, but the problem was that they struggled with how to sell what they offered. 

So then Russell wrote Expert Secrets where you will learn how to sell and do your marketing. People loved the book and some went from 0 to $1 million during their first year after implementing what they learned from Expert Secrets. 

The problem was that many people still struggled. After some research, Russell discovered something important. The biggest reason between the people that struggled and the people that made a lot of money was how many people were visiting their website or funnel. 

Russell Brunson is the co-founder and CEO of Clickfunenls, so he makes the most money when people are using his software ClickFunnels. So if he is able to make his customers successful, he will be more successful since people would love to use ClickFunenls.  

So he decided to write the Traffic Secrets, so what are Traffic Secrets?

What is the Traffic Secrets book?

Traffic Secrets is all about how to get your dream customers to your website or funnel. A book about this topic is difficult to write since social media and the different platforms are changing all the time. 

So a chapter on how to create Facebook ads will be obsolete before the book is on your shelf. So Traffic secrets are all about the strategies and not the tactics. 

You can use it on every platform, every social media, and every search engine. You can use the strategies now, and probably forever.

You can read more about the book in my Traffic Secrets review here

Traffic Secrets is free if you order from, all you have to pay is for shipping & handling. 

The Traffic Secrets Audiobook

The traffic Secrets Audiobook is an upsell after you order the physical book. The audiobook is narrated by the author Russell Brunson and is read very well. You will not be bored listening to this audiobook. 

So first you need to fill in your shipping information and then you will get the option to add the audiobook for a small price of $37 as you can see in the picture below. 

After you have gone through the funnel, you will receive an email with a secret link where you can register on a membership site where you can download your audiobook and your bonuses. 

You are able to download the audiobook in both a Traffic Secrets mp3 version and a Traffic Secrets Itunes (M4B) version.

In addition to the audiobook, you can download a 78 pages long pdf file with audiobook supplemental material with all the sketches and figures from Traffic Secrets. That way you will not miss out when Russell is talking about the different sketches. 

What else is included in Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets audiobook?

When you order Traffic Secrets, you will receive an additional 4 awesome bonuses from Russell Brunson. 

  • Funnel Catcher Report – all the things you do before they get into your funnel. This is a pdf file issued by Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets lab where you will learn how you can pre-frame your visitors. 
  • The 7 Day Launch Funnel by Brendan Burchard. The 7-day launch funnel was a powerful presentation he did on FunnelHacking live where you can now watch the recording. 
  • The Invisible Traffic Funnels that brings 80% of the buyers (and only costs 20% the price). This is a 40min presentation from FunnelHacking Live by John Parkes where he shared his gold nuggets about the invisible traffic funnel. You can watch the video recording after you have ordered the audiobook. 
  • The Perfect Webinar Hack – the fastest way to make ads that convert. This is a recorded interview of Kaelin Tuell Paolin aka Ladyboss by Russell Brunson. Kaelin shares her story and how she used the perfect webinar to get lots of dream customers. 

How to get the Traffic Secrets audiobook and the bonuses?

Step 1: Go to the Traffic Secrets free book offer page. 

Step 2: Fill in your name and address. 

Step 3: You will be offered the audiobook version on the next page.

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