ClickFunnels Trial

So you are curious about ClickFunnels and maybe want a 14 day free trial? You will now learn why you want to use ClickFunnels and when you don't need it. 

Why use ClickFunnels?

There are different reasons you want to use ClickFunnels, and I will mention them below. 

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Sales Funnels

If you are selling something, both products and services, you want to use ClickFunnels. To create funnels is highly recommended. With optimized funnels you receive: 

  • Higher conversation
  • Higher average customer value

And you are recommended to use funnels regardless of what you are selling. 

Application Funnel

Application funnel is another type of funnel where people are applying to work with you. The application can be for coaching or services you are selling. 

Lead Funnels

You want leads and want a funnel to collect your leads, then ClickFunnels is great to use. The leads can be email addresses or phone numbers so you can call them. Then you create a homepage where you create your funnel to collect leads. It's easy to use and very easy to optimize. You can even add some extra pages if you want to add more value on your homepage. 

Selling ClickFunnels services or is an affiliate

If you are selling ClickFunnels services and is not using ClickFunnels to promote yourself, you need to use ClickFunnels. Many people are selling funnels where they create the funnels and share it with their customers. I assume most of them have a funnel to sell this type of work. 

You don't need to use ClickFunnels to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate, but I think it's strange that you are promoting a product you don't use yourself. You may need to answer questions, and you need to show that you know the product you recommend others to use. 

What more you receive 

With ClickFunnels you also gain more then funnels, the most important are:

  • Backpack: You can create your own affiliate offers where you track the sales from your affiliates. You can also create promotional material that your affiliates can use. 
  • Actionetics: Create followup funnels like chatbots and email autoresponder. 
  • Membership site

The functions you receive above is an excellent addition to your funnels, but I don't think you want to order ClickFunnels ONLY for one of the features above. 

What you don't need ClickFunnels for

You can use ClickFunnels for almost everything, but sometimes you probably are better off with other softwares. 

You don't want to use ClickFunnels for blogging. Even ClickFunnels don't use their software for that. They use WordPress as a blog platform, and that's a right choice. 

If you are blogging and maybe want to collect leads, I recommend you to find other software to obtain the leads that integrate better with your blog. One of them is Thrive leads.

ClickFunnels Free Trial

So now you have read a short explanation about what uses ClickFunnels have and when you most likely want to look for alternatives. 

If you are not sure if this is a software for you, I recommend you to test it. You will receive 14 days free trial where you can cancel whenever you want during that time, and you will not get billed. I even think you have a 30 days money back guarantee if you went past the trial. 

That way, you can learn to use the software, and you will quickly see if it will bring value to your business.