Best Dropshipping Course – Buyers Guide for 2019

I have done several dropshipping courses, and the one below is the best dropshipping course that gives you the most value for your money. Most of the courses I have done is closed since it was a one-time launch course. Still is Ecom Elites the best dropshipping course.

Why do dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is potential for a fast way to earn money. If you love selling and ecommerce, dropshipping is something you want to begin with. Later you can consider offering more value by reducing shipping time and do more branding by sending packages with a thank you note.

The challenge is to get people to your store, and this is usually done with paid advertising. It can be a challenge to test different products while you are spending money without seeing results. So this is something you need to be aware of, but most people will find products that work and crack the code. So later it will be easier to stay profitable. 

And you can do it yourself and spend a lot of money, become frustrated and give up. Or you can choose to take a course that will help you shorten your path to becoming a successful dropshipper.

Best Dropshipping Course [2019]

I have written a review of the course below and have some bonuses for you if you want some extra material to help you reach your success.

Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett

Ecom Elites logo

Ecom Elites is a course made by Franklin Hatchett. You will learn how to do dropshipping from A to Z, and Franklin does update the course.

You will learn the basics as setting up a Shopify store with recommended mods and theme. He is recommending a free theme and also his theme named Ecom Turbo that you can read more about here. 

A big part of dropshipping is to find products that you advertise to the correct people. You will learn how to do this research, but you will also learn this is a numbers game. So you need to test the market and the more you test, the bigger is the chance for you to find the correct product to the right audience. 

In most courses, you will learn how to do dropshipping from Aliexpress to an audience on Facebook. In Ecom Elites, you will learn that, but also how to advertise on Instagram and Google. How to find influencers on Instagram and how to setup Google merchant. 

You will even learn how to utilize funnels that I think is a big advantage when you find a good product. With funnels, you will also be able to offer upsells and downsells that increase your average order value.