Best Affiliate Marketing Course – The Buyers Guide

Hi there, my name is Richard Walker, and I want to give you my thoughts on what is the best affiliate marketing courses out there. This is far from a complete list, there is a jungle of courses out there, but this is those I have tested and ​want to put on my site. 

Course Creator Price Learn More? Order Now?
Savage AffiliatesFranklin Hatchett$197ReviewOrder
Affiliate Bootcamp SummitClickFunnelsFreeReviewOrder
Wealthy AffiliateKyle & Carson$49/ MonthReviewOrder
AffiloramaMark LingFreeReviewOrder

Why Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to learn how to promote products, and the startup cost is very low. 

You can create a passive site where you write about a niche and promote products. The word passive is a bit misleading since you need to do a lot of work before you receive the passive income. When you have a site that receives traffic, you don’t need to follow up like many other sites. 

You can also do affiliate marketing by offering a service where the affiliate offer is the required product in your service. 

So you need to choose a path that suits you and remember that affiliate marketing is hard work. You will struggle, and you need training and time to get this work. Training is not a magic pill that will fix everything, but it will shorten your path to affiliate income. 

Below I have written a bit about the different courses I have tested.

Best Affiliate marketing Course [2019]

I have written a review of most of the courses, but if you only want to know the overview of them, I have added a short explanation of the different courses below.

Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates

This is a course from Franklin Hatchett named Savage Affiliates. This course teaches you how to do affiliate marketing by using all the major traffic sources. 

​You will learn the basics, like how to setup your WordPress site and how to join the different affiliates programs and networks if you are new to this. Many people need this kind of information and its nice that Franklin has added this to his course.

There are two huge modules about how to be an affiliate for Clickbank products and He has a different approach to those sites and I like that he doesn’t teach one method and says this will fit everything. You will learn that you need to adjust based on how the different affiliate networks work.

You learn how to get people to your offer in many ways. Both paid methods and free methods. You will learn how to do affiliate marketing on a website, but there are also some videos about how to do it with funnels.

One thing I wish was added to the course, and this is something many courses are missing. There is no transcribes of the videos or other written content. I like to read when I want to find some details later. That way, I don’t need to watch the videos again. Luckily the videos in Savage Affiliates are not long, and they have a good describing name.

Savage Affiliates is a course to a very affordable price. There is no course out there to this price with close to similar content and value. 

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

CF SuperAffiliates Computer 1

This is a summit that ClickFunnels have that replaced their previous Affiliate Bootcamp. The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is free to join, and you receive one new interview of super affiliates for ClickFunnels for 15 days. The 15 super affiliates will tell you how they would do it if they had to start all over and earn money in 100 days. 

You will learn 15 different methods to promote a product and become profitable in 100 days. What I like is that you can pick one or two of them and do something similar. This is proven methods and will work, maybe you will use a bit longer time, or it will now work on the first attempt. But it will work.

This course is focusing on how to promote ClickFunnels, but this will work on any product. There is a wide variety of methods so you will find something that you are comfortable with. Some of the methods are not newbie friendly., but maybe you can implement them later?

Some of the interviews are long, and you will lose access to them. You can miss a day or two, but not more before you lose access.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliates is more than a course, it’s a membership site. You can join Wealthy Affiliate, and you receive 7 days of free trial. After that, you lose some of the functions like live chat and continue with a free membership.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you receive: 

  • A very engaging community 
  • Training for every level you are at
  • Hosting for your website
  • Keyword research tool
  • Weekly training in addition to their course

You receive everything you need, and I think this is an excellent option for beginners.

You can be a member of Wealthy Affiliate for free, but I highly recommend that you take advantage of the free trial to see if this is something for you. Then choose premium membership and follow the training or focus on something else then Wealthy Affiliate. 


I believe Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate was fighting to become the best membership site for affiliates. I base that on all the “Affilorama vs. Wealthy Affiliate” posts. I also see that Wealthy Affiliate was the winner of them.

Since then, Affilorama has chosen to focus on paid courses and have made their membership free to join. You will receive a lot of great training at Affilorama for free, but some of it may be of older date.

If you are on a budget and want free training, you want to take a look at Affilorama.

Conclusion – The Winner

Savage Affiliates is the course I recommend you to buy when you want to start your affiliate journey. This course is very good, and you get the most for your money by far. He is updating his course, and you will get the updates for free.

If you are new and a big and active community is important for you, then you should take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. You will receive everything you need in their premium membership.

I also recommend you to join the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit since its free. You have nothing to lose, and you will receive a very good guideline on how to do affiliate marketing that gives you so many more tactics then SEO. 

But the course I think is the best is Savage Affiliates.