The best color on your buttons

When I was new to online marketing, I spent a lot of time on tactics and details.

Details are important, but sometimes I spent almost all my time on the details or trying to learn the new tactics that someone is claiming is the new big thing.

I was trying to make my site perfect I remember. I spent time reading about what colors that were best to use. I spent weeks to make everything great.

Should I use a red, green or an orange button on my site? I didn’t have traffic, but the colors on the buttons were important.

What I should do is learning how to get traffic to my site. I can always change the color on the buttons later.

And colors is also something is best decided in an A/B split test.

We also have all the tactics. “Read this guide on my new tactic that made me $1000 a day after just 14 days” or something.

Big claims on income are what the “gurus” tell us they have archived with what they now want to teach us. And this new training is usually similar to the same training that they showed us the years before.

But still, this is the new 2018 tactic.. Same tactic, different wrapping. Have you experienced this before?

I have experienced this, and the courses were expensive and not worth it. Usually, you need to work hard to gain great results, not tactics.

If it were easy, more people would do it, and then it will be somewhat hard again.

You also need to do only the basic. This way its easier to find out what is working and what is not working.

Its hard to find the broken part in a big and complicated sales funnel with lots of moving parts.

Its easier to make it work with just a few parts. And if you want it more advanced, you can build it out later. This way you also have less invested in your sales funnel and marketing.

I needed to learn online marketing and the fundamentals.

And I needed to work hard to gain traffic, not just watch youtube videos by “experts” that is teaching their newly discovered 2018 tactic.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn online marketing and the fundamentals.

When this is implemented, then you can go advanced. You can find the advanced training also at Wealthy Affiliate.

I like to keep it simple for now. And you want to keep it simple in the beginning.

You receive a plan on how to do your marketing. So you will not get lost in the details.

You can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate here.

And when you have stable traffic, you can optimize the colors on your buttons. So what is the best color? I guess orange like Amazons button, but you need to test it!

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