What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing course made by Franklin Hatchett. I have bought it, and now I now want to share my thoughts on this course. What is Savage Affiliates for? Who is Franklin Hatchett? Is this another scam course or is it a legit one? This is some of the questions you will find an answer to in this review.


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Savage Affiliates is a course that teaches you how to make an affiliate website that promotes different types of products. How to find the niche you want to write about and the products that you should promote. Franklin Hatchett is the teacher, and he will teach you how to become a successful affiliate.

What is the Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates are an affiliate marketing course that teaches you most of the aspect of affiliate marketing with a website. There is also a part where he shows you how to do it with youtube only, but most of the videos are about affiliate marketing with a website.

To do affiliate marketing with Amazon is a popular method and an easy method. This is something I also recommend. When your site starts to gain traffic, you can try to find other affiliates with better deals. To begin with, Amazon is the easy method. In this course, there is a module about how to create an Amazon affiliate site. What to do and what not to do. One thing Franklin recommend is to have a very clean site with little distraction and links. Also not do paid traffic since the commission is too low for that. Both seem like excellent advice.

Clickbank site is also popular, and Frank will also teach you how to make a Clickbank site. You will also receive additional affiliate sites you can promote info products from, but Clickbank is the most well-known one.

To gain traffic is the problematic part. You should do basic SEO since this is usually enough to rank after a time, but it takes a very long time. IF you don't want to wait, there are other methods Franklin teach you. You can do both paid traffic, but also free methods. Free methods usually take more work but can be an excellent source of traffic. I also think you connect more with your users if you do the free methods. Maybe do free traffic generation in addition to paid traffic for maximal growth and best user experience?

One thing he talks a bit about, without making a training section about it, is competition. Some niches, like internet marketing, can be a tight niche to do SEO and rank high on google. There is to many people that have a website about it, and you as a new player will have a difficult time. Even if you try to do a tiny and specific part of the niche, this can be very difficult. Then you have the option to do paid traffic and still do what you love and hopefully, have an income from your work.

Who is this Franklin Hatchett that have made this course?

Franklin is from New Zealand and is an upcoming guru that I follow. He makes courses at an affordable price, gives a lot of valuable content on both Youtube and his public Facebook groups. I have bought two of his courses and followed most of the things he does.

Franklin started first as an affiliate marketer and struggled for some years. He worked hard, and when he finally understood the mechanics, he was successful. His source of income is now from the internet and are living the online dream. I like his way of teaching, this is not scripted, and his passion for internet marketing is clearly showing. Both in this course and the other courses he has.

What you will receive with Savage Affiliates 

With this affiliate marketing course, you receive 9 training modules with one bonus module. Below you will find the modules with a short description of what you will receive.

Welcome to the training

This is just a welcome and an introduction to the training.

Module 1 - Affiliate Introduction

This is basic information about affiliate marketing. What this is, the results Franklin have and a quick overview on how to do this.

Module 2 - Niches and products

To find the correct niches and products is very important. If you choose wrong, you will not get results from your hard work. Here you learn where to look and what you should look for.

Module 3 - Building your assets

You usually need a website and maybe an autoresponder to do affiliate marketing. Here you learn how to set this up.

Module 4 - Clickbank affiliate marketing

Clickbank is one of the most popular places to find info products. Here you learn how to find a niche and products to promote. How to do your research, write your reviews, write your content and how to build your funnel. This is a massive module with a lot of information.

Module 5 - Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon is another very popular source of affiliate income. This is usually a very passive income, once the site is built and content created. HEre you get a lot of tips on how to make an Amazon affiliate site. Since Amazon pays lower commission rates, you need to do it a bit different then Clickbank sites that usually pays you 50%-90% in commission. Franklin teach you this.

Module 6 - SEO traffic

Want to make your site rank on google? SEO can be your only source of traffic or addition to paid traffic. This module is all about SEO traffic. 

Module 7 - Paid traffic training

SEO is an excellent source of traffic, but it takes time to rank on google. Sometimes this can also be extremely hard. Then paid traffic is good to have. In this module, Franklin Hatchett will teach you how to do paid traffic with Google, Facebook and solo ads.

Module 8 - Free traffic training

Franklin has made one of his sites go from 0 to 6 figure income from free traffic only. Here he teaches you how this can be done. Here he shows you mostly about traffic from forums and Youtube.

Module 9 - Email marketing training

Emails can be a significant source of traffic and should be used if you are promoting info products. This module is all about email marketing.

Bonus - Funnel training

Everything is about funnels. Here you receive some training in funnels. When you watch this, it's important to also think about your blog posts as a funnel. Make a funnel out of everything, and you will be profitable.

He is working with an update, and it may be a case study. He asked in the private Facebook group what we wanted more info about, and our biggest wish was a case study. He was initially against it due to the time it takes, but there are some hints that he is working with a case study for us. 

Do I receive some support?

Like most courses, you have email access to the support. I don't know if this is a support theme or Franklin himself that answer. This is mostly for technical support I suppose. I have never used it.

The support is mainly from the private Facebook group made for this course. Here you can ask questions or share your progress with others. Here you will find like-minded people that will help you. Franklin will also answer most of the questions on a daily basis.

From time to time Franklin will also share videos or other valuable content that can be helpful for you in the Facebook group.

This is a very active community with helpful people that share the same goals as you do.

Is Savage Affiliates only for beginners?

Savage affiliates are not only for beginners, but beginners will have most to learn from it. If you know how to buy traffic, then the SEO module will help you much. Maybe you know how to promote Clickbank good, but struggle with an Amazon affiliate site? The module 5 will teach you how to improve your site.

For this price, you can accept that not all modules will teach you something.

Does Savages Affiliates have some complaints? 

What I want a course to have is some written material. Videos are nice to have and Franks videos well explained and short, but sometimes I just want to skim through a pdf file to find the information I was looking for. Especially after I have watched the video, instead of rewatching a 15 min long video to see the info I was looking for.

A step by step action plan would also be helpful. Also not a big complaint, but would be nice to have.

Are Savage Affiliates worth it?

Savage Affiliates is worth it if you want a course in affiliate marketing. I have seen courses that cost much more, but here you get a very good course for $197. He could probably charge $1497 for this course, I have seen them at this price and higher with less information.

Franklin will teach you affiliate marketing in different ways at a very affordable price. Definity worth it.

Do I get some bonuses if I join?

If you choose to buy this course and do it through my link, I will give you something special. When doing affiliate marketing, email marketing is usually very important. So how do you get emails? You generate leads. I will give you an ebook on how to do this. You just need to contact me after the purchase, and I will send it to you.

Savage Affiliates Conclusion

Savage Affiliates is a solid and good course made by Franklin Hatchett to an affordable price. Here you find most of the information you need. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, this is a course I recommend you to buy. Because of the missing pdf files I like to have with a course, I give it 4+ and not 5.


The Good Stuff:
  • You learn the basic like how to make a wordpress site and witch plugins to use. 
  • Very good explained and with good structure. 
  • You learn that is difference between Amazon affiliate site and clickbank type site.
  • You learn the difference about sites based on paid traffic or SEO sites. 
The Bad Stuff:
  • There is no step by step pdf file or summary.
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