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Most of us is familar with Russell Brunsons funnel types, but did you know there is more out there? Ryan Levesque have som realy cool funnel types in his Funnel Matrix.


Lately, I have bought some of Ryan Levesque’s stuff, and I have to add his funnel matrix to this guide. Ryan is a likable person, and I like much of his teaching. His funnel matrix was something that made me think how easy things can be done when you systemize it properly.

I will give away information that is not available for free on the internet, so I hope Ryan Levesque will not be too mad at me. And if you like what I have written, buy his stuff. Ryan is a good guy with a lot of experience and information to teach you.

Ryan loves quizzes and surveys, and there are some theories behind his surveys so you should read his book ASK before you add this step. If not done correctly, the survey will not add value to you or the customers, and you should skip that step in the funnel. Again, for more information about surveys, you can buy his book Ask. 

funnel matrix

The Funnel Matrix

Offer creation - The In, Up, Max Model

I have written before about offer creation and how to price them. This will be similar since I used the picture below as blueprint, but now you also get the picture. 

in up max model

Th In Up Max model from Ryan Levesque

Beginner Funnels

If you are new to funnels and internet marketing, here you want to start. The simplicity is just genius. This funnel requires very little work from you, and you should start here to gain some experience.

This funnel can be done as easy as this: You find some PLR products and then offer an affiliate product on the thank you page. PLR is Private Label Rights. This is products you order the rights to give away as your own.

The UP offer can be the same affiliate product or a different one.

The Application funnel can be that people send you an application to work with you. You can be a coach or do a mastermind. This service is also something that is easy to create but require you to be confident that you can deliver value. 

The Mindmap funnel

This funnel is made to collect leads where you are giving away something for free. The free offer can be a mindmap, but a blueprint, cheat sheet, and other info products can be given away. 

mindmap funnel

Mindmap Funnel

The 4DFC Funnel (4 Day Fast Cash)

This funnel is not a traditional funnel, but something you are sending out by email. For 4 days you are sending an email promoting an offer where you write your email based on the four buyer persona.

  • Day1: Spontaneous buyers. This is people that love a good offer and is spontaneous.
  • Day2: Methodical buyers. This is people that need more information before they buy.
  • Day 3: Humanistic buyers. This is people that love stories from other people. So send them some testimonials to make them buy.
  • Day4: Competitive buyers. This is people that wait to the last day, maybe the last minute to buy. So this is the day you set a deadline to get those people to buy.

This is how you structure your emails, and if you want more information, you need to be a member of The Ask Academy.

Ryan recommends you to create a funnel like this and run it one time every month to your email list. If this is an affiliate offer, try to offer additional products if they buy through your link. This will increase the chance for them to purchase, and they will contact you afterward for the bonus. That way you can tag them and send another 4DFC for those who have already bought the first one. 

4DFC Funnel

The 4DFC Funnel

Application Funnel

This is a funnel where people sends you an application to work with you and is similar to the backend funnel from Russell Brunson. This service can be a coaching program or a mastermind. 

application funnel 2

The Application Funnel

Intermediate Funnels

This is funnels made for more experienced users and takes a bit more time to create.

Free Plus Shipping Funnel

This is a popular funnel since you are giving away something for free. People love free stuff, and a physical product also has a higher perceived value. Two good arguments for you to use this funnel to increase your sales.

A popular product is a book, but it can be any physical product as long it's easy and cheap to send. You can try to make a bit of money on this product, but it's recommended to go for break even. That way you will get more leads, and you will build a bigger email list faster that you can promote to. 

free plus shipping funnel

The Free Plus Shipping Funnel

Webinar Funnel

This is a funnel similar to the sales webinar funnel, and probably don't need further explanation. Can be run weekly or monthly. 

Webinar Funnel

Webinar Funnel

Waitlist Funnel

This is a funnel to create false scarcity and high demand. People optin for your service, and you set them on a waitlist. During the wait, you are sending emails to create excitement about your service. Then you open your service for people to join. This period should be short before you close your service again.

The service can be a coaching program or a mastermind. A great way to do this with a mastermind is that you have limited spots and you open up your mastermind to fill available spots.

waitlist funnel

The Waitlist Funnel

Advanced Funnels

The funnels below is for advanced users and should not be something you do early.

The quiz funnel

This is a funnel where you can target broad niches and segment the leads based on the answers they give in the quiz. Let's say you have several products and services you are selling in a niche. Then you can use the quiz funnel to send your leads to the recommended product based on their answers. That way the lead will get the best experience, and you will hopefully get some more sales.

The big bonus from this funnel is that you also will get some answers that you can create more products to your audience. 

quiz funnel

The Quiz Funnel

The Launch funnel

This funnel is similar to the one described earlier, but Ryan recommends this actually to be for a product launch you are doing. This funnel is made to create a buzz about your product and only works when you have a big audience. It's advised to create some scarcity by having the offer available for a limited time. You don't need to close the whole offer, but remove the bonuses after a set time. 

launch funnel

The Launch Funnel

Live event

To run a live event is hard and not for everyone. One thing is to organize it, but you need to fill the event also.

Live events are often used to sell high ticket offers since you build high trust by meeting your audience and giving them high value. An example of events is Russell Brunson Funnel Hacking Live events run every year. 

live event funnel

The Live Event Funnel

So do you have any questions about funnels, offers and value ladders? And have you created some of the funnels? 

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