How to remove the ClickFunnels badge

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ClickFunnels have made it easy to promote their product, but not everyone wants to have the ClickFunnels affiliate badge. So how do you remove it? Click here to find out. 


Hi there, my name is Richard and you are now going to learn how to remove the ClickFunnels badge. 

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Badge

ClickFunnels have one of the best affiliate programs out there where you get up to 40% commission on all sales you refer to now and the sales the customer does in the feature. This applies only if future sales are not done through an others affiliate link. 

In the past ClickFunnels automatically signed you up to their affiliate program when you ordered ClickFunnels and the affiliate badge was on as default. Not everyone wants to have this badge on as default and you will later in the post learn how to turn it off. 

The ClickFunnels affiliate badge is the little icon at the bottom right on many pages made in ClickFunnels. I have added the icon below this paragraph so you know what to look for. When you click the link, you will go to the ClickFunnels frontpage with the funnel owners affiliate link. 

Clickfunnels affiliate badge

The affiliate program has changed a bit lately and you now need to apply to become an affiliate of ClickFunnels. I now assume the ClickFunnels badge is off as default, but I have not tested with a new account. 

If you want to become an affiliate of ClickFunnels, I recommend you to join the Affiliate Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is free and you can read my Affiliate Bootcamp review to learn more.

Remove the ClickFunnels affiliate badge on future funnels and pages as a default

If you have an older account with the affiliate badge turned on as default, or just don’t remember how to turn it back off, you want to go to your account settings. 

Then scroll down and expand your Affiliate Settings. There you can the ClickFunnels affiliate badge off as default and save your new settings. 

clickfunnels affiliate settings

My settings are on as default since I’m an affiliate of ClickFunnels and is happy to share the word. Click the slide button and this will turn off the affiliate badge on all future funnels and pages you create. 

Remove the affiliate badge on previous or specific pages

Do you have already created funnels and want to remove the ClickFunnels badge on your already made funnels?

You may also want to remove the badge on a specific page to remove an extra distraction, then you also want to change the settings below. Remember that Steve Larsen, previous funnel builder at ClickFunnels have affiliate badges on as default. 

  1. You need to go to the specific funnel.
  2. Then you click “edit page” to edit the specific page
  3. Go to SETTINGS and click to get the dropdown window
  4. Click on GENERAL as seen on the picture below
  5. Click the dropdown window and choose “hide” in the AFFILIATE BADGE

I have added a picture to easily show you the process. 

clickfunnels page settings
clickfunnels general page settings

You are no longer showing the affiliate badge on your pages. 

You can also read more about the ClickFunnels badge at the ClickFunnels blog.


ClickFunnels have made it easy for us affiliates to promote ClickFunnels. Not everyone wants to have the ClickFunnels affiliate badge on their pages so ClickFunnels has also made it easy to remove it. 

I have usually the affiliate badge on, but I wonder if this is the most common choice. Comment below what you do, affiliate badge on or off? 

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