Pathway to Passive Review – An affiliate marketing ebook by Affilorama

Pathway to Passive is a blueprint on how to create a passive affiliate website from A to Z. The eBook will teach you how to make a passive affiliate site. Read my review to know more.

Hi there, my name is Richard. When I bought this book, my expectations were not high. For $37 I will receive an eBook with ok content, I thought. Maybe with lots of information that I already know and is on every blog or site about affiliate marketing. So was I wrong?

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Pathway to Passive Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions

Pathway to Passive has 7 chapters and is made by Affilorama, a membership site owned by Mark Ling. The book can only be read online on their website.

What you receive in Pathway to Passive

The front page of Pathway to passive
The front page of Pathway to passive

Here are the chapters in this book.

Chapter 1: Getting Started
In chapter one, you will read the usual introduction to this book and some backstory. Mindset is important in all business, and you will learn a bit how not to fail with affiliate marketing.

Then its time to get started and you will learn how to find niches and products you can promote. Then you will learn how to choose the angel on how to write your content. You will also learn basic SEO.

Chapter 2: Product Reviews
Product reviews are important in affiliate marketing. So Pathway to Passive has its own chapter about how to write reviews. There are several types of reviews, and you will read about them in this chapter. Should you write a product review? Roundup reviews, product vs product reviews or is there some alternative methods to write product reviews? You need to buy the ebook to know the answer.

The book chapters in Pathway to passive.
The book chapters in Pathway to passive income

Chapter 3: Problem Solving Content
To write reviews is important, but often you need to find problems in your niche and how to address them. Most people have problems, and they are seeking a solution to their problem. How do you find the problems people have in your niche? And how to write the article so people will find your article in google search.

Sometimes people only have a problem and don’t know how to solve it. So it’s important that you give them the solutions in the article you have written.

Chapter 4: Email and Newsletter Lists
Chapter 4 is about email marketing. An email list is very important, and training is included in the pathway to passive. This chapter is a bit short, but you will receive access to download 3 free ebooks that are written by Mark Ling about the topic.

Chapter 5: WOW Content
To receive links, you often need to make great content. So in chapter 5, you will learn how to write your wow content. So why do you want to write wow content? So people will link to your article, and links will give you more traffic.

Chapter 6: Putting it all together
You have now written reviews, made your problem-solving content, maybe your wow article also, but something is missing. Maybe there are more topics that you are missing and needs to be written about? Topics that perhaps is not something people are searching for? Maybe your site is looking a bit strange with lots of random articles, but nothing that ties everything together? In chapter 6 you will learn about window dressing content that solves the issues above and more.

In chapter 6 you will also learn how to plan your site with action steps and to keep focus. What types of articles you should begin to write and what to do later for maximal efficiency. How to write your articles, so you move people through your funnel that’s ends with an affiliate sale. And how to audit your site and previous sites that may need more work. The key here is to stay focused.

Chapter 7: Resources
In chapter 7 you learn how to build a website and more information about SEO. This chapter is short and is linking to other articles that will help you with this. Some of them are on and that is experts in SEO.

Who is Pathway to Passive for?

Beginners will receive an impressive blueprint for building a passive profit website the right way. A birds-eye view of what it takes to create this website with tips and tricks that will make your site shine.

More experienced affiliates will find a system that is easy to understand and improve their affiliate sales.

Pathway to passive Pros and Cons


  • Lots of valuable tips and tricks that will help you make a passive affiliate site.
  • A step by step blueprint that gives you the bird’s eye overview.
  • Easy to read and very good structured.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.


  • You need to read it online.
  • The price could be lower.

Pathway to Passive Conclusion

When you buy this eBook, you will receive a bird’s eye view on how to create a passive affiliate website. Pathway to Passive is a step by step blueprint that ties everything together. Maybe you have read or watched videos about the topic without understanding the complete system? Then this eBook is especially for you.

Maybe I’m used to ebooks being a front end product that is made to lure people inside their universe, but Pathway to passive is made to make them a little money. I prefer to lower the price a bit so they could sell more of their other products that have a higher price and more value. Like their membership site or affiliate marketing course.

This information was not groundbreaking, but it was surprisingly good. So I do recommend to buy the ebook if you are new to affiliate marketing and don’t want to spend much money.

Affiliate marketing eBook
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  • Ease of use
  • Support
  • Pricing
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