One Funnel Away Challenge Review – The best training for entrepreneurs?

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Is the One Funnel Away Challenge worth the time and money? What will you learn when you do the challenge? Read my One Funnel Away Challenge review to know more! 


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Hi there, My name is Richard Walker and I have done the One Funnel Away Challenge and I want to give you my review of this product.

One Funnel Away Challenge is training from ClickFunnels based on their slogan “You are one funnel away”. This slogan was launched some years ago by Russell Brunson, the CEO, and co-founder of ClickFunnels. Russell has an inner circle of members where they are a mastermind. One of the members discovered something interesting one time. She ran a challenge with training and she discovered that she sold a lot more of her products afterward. When Russell Brunson heard about that story he decided to run a similar challenge from ClickFunnels and it seems this was a huge success, both for they who participate and ClickFunnels.

I have done the challenge twice. First time when they added the challenge as a part of the upsell in 30 days summit. The 30 days summit is the answers from 30 people that are successful and have made more than 1 million dollars in one year with one funnel. Their answer is on the question “You suddenly lose everything...What Would You Do From Day 1 To Day 30 To Save Yourself?” This was information that didn't want to miss and one of their upsells was the One Funnel Away Challenge and a physical copy of the book and not just a lot of pdf files included with the interviews.

Then they launched the One Funnel Away Challenge and with some extra bonus material and the 30 days summit included. I had to do it once more to get the extra bonuses like the workbooks and also the mp3 player with the audio version of the first challenge. So now I can listen to it when I do exercise or similar activities.  

You can click here to join The One Funnel Away Challenge.

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On One Funnel Away Challenge

When I did the One Funnel Away Challenge I was very excited. I just skimmed through the sales page and I saw the value in this straight away. This was something I wanted to do. I still remember day 1 during the pre-training week. The information before the challenge was very important to me. To become successful with affiliate marketing or other marketing, you need to do the work and you need to change your belief. This is very important so you need to think a bit during the pre-training week. I see more and more mindset training during the different courses and I find it very important. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge Training

The training is a 30 days long challenge similar to to the 30 days book where the goal is you to earn money during the last week. Some people do that, but this is hard and most people need more time than that. Most probably you will fail with your first funnel, but then the next one will be easier and faster to create.


The training starts with a pre-training where the goal is to make you believe that you can become successful. This week is important since I strongly believe that your mindset is the biggest contributor to if you become successful or not.

Day 1: You must believe
Day 2: Failure & what it teaches us
Day 3: The who not the how
Day 4: 10X Secrets
Day 5: LadyBoss did it...So can you
Day 6: Catch up day
Day 7: Mission review

Week 1

This week is all about funnel hacking and how you should do research and find the offers you want to create and later promote.

Day 1: Offer hacking
Day 2: The greatest showman
Day 3: Offer sequencing
Day 4: Ecovers and offer assets
Day 5: Create!!
Day 6: Catch up day
Day 7: Mission review

Week 2

Russell Brunson strongly believes in publishing and storytelling. This week you learn how to tell stories and you learn the value of publishing. I think this is also a very important week since this will give you free traffic to your offer. From what I have seen in Facebook groups and my experience is that traffic is the biggest problem people have.

This weeks training is what made me start doing video. What I have learned is to just start and don’t care if you don’t know how to do everything before you begin. Start publishing with a pen name and don’t show your face if you are doing video. When you are comfortable with what you do, then you can start with your real name.

I have also started to write more blog post. You can’t write 15 posts and expect Google to rank you, so publish more and do it for a long time. Then you will see the results, most people give up to early. That is the big takeaway from this week. You need to publish regularly in the format that fits you most.

Day 1: Publishing
Day 2: Epiphany bridge
Day 3: Your origin story
Day 4: Hooks, hooks, & more hooks
Day 5: Catch up day
Day 6: Catch up day
Day 7: Mission review

Week 3

This week is all about building and designing. Here you learn how to build your funnel. One page every day. To create a page is easy, but you also need to put content on the page. You need to write a sales copy and maybe also do a video for some of the pages if you want.

Day 1: Core funnel strategy
Day 2: Your share funnel
Day 3: The squeeze page
Day 4: The sales page
Day 5: The OTO page
Day 6: Members area
Day 7: Mission review

Week 4

You now have your funnel and the offer created. This week is all about getting your offer in front of people. Russell Brunson strongly believes in the dream 100 method. You will learn how to get people to your offer, both for free and paid. You should already be able to get some people to your offer for free if you started to publish every day in week 2.

Day 1: 3 types of traffic
Day 2: Dream 100
Day 3: Earn your way in
Day 4: Buy your way in
Day 5: Funnel audibles
Day 6: Mission review
Day 7: Mission debrief

The One Funnel Away Challenge Coaches

The One Funnel Away Challenge has 3 coaches where they have their role in this challenge.

Russell Brunson - The strategist

Russell is the main coach and is telling you what to do every day. He is the strategist that gives you the coaching and action steps. The training is delivered to the point and very precise and good explained. No fluff here.

Julie Stoian - The how to

Julie Stoian is the person that tells you the “how to”. How to import your share funnel, how to design your pages and more. She will not teach every day, only if there are some technical parts that need some “how to”.

Stephen Larsen - Your Accountability partner

Stephen Larsen is the coach that will hold you accountable. He tells his story behind the different tasks and gives you some tips and hints. I like Stephen since he is not miles ahead of you regarding success like Russell Brunson is. So his stories are fresher and he understands things that a person like Russell Brunson don’t understand since he has done this for a long time. Stephen is also the person that may drift slightly away from the topic and takes most of your coaching time. Some people love him, while some people may not like him.

What’s Included In One Funnel Away Challenge

Maybe you are asking if you receive more then the training? As the picture below indicates, you will receive lots of goodies in a lovely box. You will get a very exclusive feeling when you are opening the box.

So what do you think about my One Funnel Away Challenge review? Something missing? Do you love it? Comment at the end of the article, and I will answer your questions.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 1: 30 Days hardcover book

As mentioned in the beginning, you will receive the 30 day summit that is a hardcover book, the interviews, behind the scenes and pdf plan from 30 successful people. This is how they would launch their business and become profitable after 30 days. The only downside to this book is that there are too many plans on how to be coaches or create a high ticket offer. I believe most beginners don’t start with that type of business, but the information is still awesome.

The book has a very nice layout and is written vel. The interviews are very good since you can hear the thoughts behind their plan. The behind the scenes are even better where you can see the funnel, why they would design it that way and more behind the scenes information that is very valuable.

I recommend you to at least check what each person want to do and watch the interviews of the people that have a plan you like the most.

The people that have contributed to the book is:

  • Trey Lewellen
  • Liz Benny
  • Garrett J. White
  • Alison J. Prince
  • Dana Derricks
  • Julie Stoian
  • Stephen Larsen
  • Stacey Martino
  • Ed Osburn
  • Tyler Shaule
  • Rachel Pederson
  • Jeremy McGilvrey
  • Peng Joon
  • Myron Golden
  • Jaime Cross
  • Dan Henry
  • Joe McCall
  • Spencer Mecham
  • Anissa Holmes
  • Dean Holland
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Rob Kosberg
  • Natalie Hodson
  • Pat Rigsby
  • Caitlin Pyle
  • Akbar Sheikh
  • Rhonda Swan
  • David Asarnow
  • Raoul Plickat
  • James P. Friel

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 2: A physical Spiral bound workbook

The first time I did the challenge, I got the pdf files only. I really liked the workbook and is helpful to have. Not only to write on, but it makes you write something down.

When I did the challenge the second time, I actually did write them down instead of thinking about what I should write, as I did when I only had the pdf files. 

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus 3: MP3 player with live recordings of the first one funnel away challenge

Also a very good bonus. You can listen to the challenge while commuting, exercising or when you do other activities. Especially the coaching from Stephen Larsen takes some time and it's nice to have the ability to listen to it while doing other things. The recording from Julie is not included since you need to watch what she is doing to understand her training.

This is recording from the first round of the challenge. 

One Funnel Away Challenge Pros & Cons


  • Very good training, both the mindset, research, how to find your voice, funnel building and how to get traffic to your offer.
  • The 30 day summit is helpful for new entrepreneurs.
  • A nice book to put in my shelf
  • The mp3 player is clever. If you don’t like it, you can copy the files to your own unit or smartphone.
  • The box you receive is very nicely done, bot on the outside and inside.
  • You also gain full access to the affiliate bootcamp


  • The coaching from Stephen Larsen took a bit time to watch and not that to the point.
  • I didn’t like the community software. I think a Facebook group is better. Update: They use Facebook group for each challenge now. 

My One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

  • My One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate share funnel
  • Facebook Excellence - A course in Facebook marketing
  • A course in how to use ClickFunnels by a successful ClickFunnel user and affiliate.
  • A course in affiliate marketing by a successful ClickFunnel user and affiliate.

Just contact me for the bonuses after you have purchased. 

Conclusion Of This Review: Very Happy With One Funnel Away Challenge

This is very good training and every entrepreneur should do the challenge. You learn how to launch your first funnel. A funnel that hopefully will make you profitable, but at least pays for your advertising. Then you can promote more products, other products as an affiliate or your own. The money is in the email list and everything is about creating an email list.

So did it work for me? Not yet. I have done my funnel hacking and have a plan for products and I have created the funnel. I’m working with the videos so I have to find my voice first. I find this stage the most difficult. 

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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