Lead Funnels Review – Will It Help You Get More Leads?

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Wonder what lead funnels are and want to know more? Read my lead funnels review and your questions will be answered.


Hi there, my name is Richard, and I have bought Lead Funnels

It was Dave Woodward, one of the leaders of ClickFunnels, that went live on Facebook and announced that they had launched a new product named Lead Funnels. This is an ebook and swipe file for how to create a lead funnel. He did, of course, highly recommended the product, especially since the cost is only $7. 

So I bought it right away since Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, usually never delivers something with thin content. You can read more about Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels in my ClickFunnels Guide. 


Lead Funnels Review - A new product from Russell Brunson 

The Lead Funnels swipe file is 172 pages long where 36 pages are about lead funnels, and 136 pages are lead funnel swipes.  

The file is quite big, and the size is 110mb. This is probably because of all the high-resolution images of all the funnels they have gathered. 

Now its time to learn what you receive when you open this swipe file. 

What you receive in Lead Funnels

The ebook contains 3 chapters and the swipe file. You will now learn what you receive in the different chapters.

Chapter 1 - Lead Funnel History

Websites used popups to gather leads in the past. Then popup blockers were made since many of them were very annoying. Lead funnels were a solution to be still able to collect leads. 

You learn more about the history behind lead funnels and how they work. You will also read about some funny stories. 

One of them is why Russell Brunson needed permission from his wife to give a site his email address. 

Chapter 2 - Lead Funnel Strategy

A lead funnel needs to have a lead magnet, landing page, thank you page and possibly a sales page. In addition to that, you need a follow-up funnel to build relations. 

In this chapter, you will learn why you need them and examples of what you can create. Maybe the most important advice is about the lead magnet since many people, I included, spend too much time to create a lead magnet. 

lead funnels

Chapter 3 - Lead Funnel Implementation

Now its time to implement what you have learned. This is a step by step plan where you begin with the lead magnet and continue through the process until you have a complete lead funnel. In addition to that, you need to create a relationship with your audience, and you will receive several tips and strategies to get people to your offer. 

The Swipe files

In the swipe file, you will receive 114 unique lead funnels. The idea is that you use this to find funnels you like and use them as inspiration so you can model something similar. Remember to watch multiple funnels so you will not copy so easily. You don't want to copy, and copying is illegal. The whole point is to model what is working. I know it's a lot of confusion about this. 

This is a massive chapter with lots of exciting content. 

Who are Lead Funnels for? 

Lead funnels are for everyone that wants leads, and that's basically everyone that tries to make money. With leads, you can contact them, educate them, and make more money. 

A lead funnel is also great to start with. You publish content online or maybe do some networking where you push people to your lead funnel. Then you have an autoresponder or follow up funnel where you educate your audience and sell some products. The product can be your own or an affiliate product where you receive a commission. The method with a lead funnel and email follow up is a method for beginners that Ryan Levesque recommends. 

You can read more about funnels here. 

Lead Funnels Price

Lead funnels cost $7 and for that, you receive a 172 pages long pdf file. 

ClickFunnels have something called order bump where you can upgrade the order with a one time offer. This offer is a 1 hour 5min long video where Russell Brunson is teaching about lead funnels. And a 45min long video where he is presenting all the different lead funnels. This teaching is similar to the ebook you received but in a different format. Great for those who like videos. 

You also receive 30 pre-designed lead funnels you can import to your ClickFunnels account. The lead funnels are very vel designed. All you need to do is find one you like and change the wording and pictures. 

In addition to that, you receive an upsell that is The One Funnel Away Challenge.

My Lead Funnels Bonuses

I want you to succeed with your lead generation. After you have created your lead funnel, you want to do email marketing.

So I want to give you an email marketing course if you order through my link.

With this 10 part video course, you will learn how to setup your autoresponder and how to do email marketing.

And if you choose to build your lead funnel in ClickFunnels, you will get additional bonuses as long you join through my affiliate link.

Conclusion - Order your Lead Funnels today

Lead funnels is a great product to learn how to collect leads. There is a lot of valuable information, and you will definitely reduce the time to create your own lead funnel by reading this ebook. 

All the funnel swipes are great to use as inspiration, so you have something to model. All great marketers recommend you to create your own swipe files. With Lead funnels, you have taken your first big step to create a funnel swipe file. 

I highly recommend the product, and you receive a lot of value for your $7. I also recommend you to upgrade your order with the video training and 30 pre-designed lead funnels. The video is very educational and pre-designed share funnels are awesome to import to your account when you create your lead funnel. 

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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