How to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing

You have probably heard about Clickbank, but do you know enough to start with Clickbank affiliate marketing? Read more here, and you will be ready to become a Clickbank Affiliate.


What is Clickbank and why should I use it? 

Clickbank is a retailer of info products that process payments worldwide. What makes them so popular is that they give info products owners an easy way to collect payment securely. Also, they have a well-known affiliate system. So the product owner's can offer a commission privately or publicly on Clickbank. This way they can sell their info product securely by a well-known retailer. And they can scale their business and make more money through affiliates. A win-win for both affiliates, Clickbank, and product owners.

Clickbank have offers in most categories so you can pick and choose between offers that you believe in and fit your niches.

How to find your niche on Clickbank

So you probably want to see what you can promote on Clickbank. First, you need to go to Clickbank and click on the Affiliate marketing Marketplace tab at the top of their page.

clickbank header
clickbank catergoies

Then you want to read the categories, is it something that interests you there? Is it something you know about or something you want to know more about? Click on the drop-down menus, is it something there that you want to write about? Click on the different categories and subcategories. Familiarize yourself with all the categories and browse around.

The most significant niches online are:

  • Online marketing
  • Health & Fitness
    • Back problems
    • weight loss
    • Nutrition
  • Relationship niches like
    • Dating.
    • How to get your ex back.
    • How to please your man/woman.
    • How to save your relationship.

There is more out there, but this should not be an extensive list, just some to get you going.

You want 5 or more products to promote

Then you also need enough product to write about. You should have 5 products to promote, why 5? This usually shows that the niche is lucrative enough and big enough for you to write about. If you find only one product and the visitor didn't like it, then you don't have any more to promote. Maybe your visitor didn't want the first one, but loved the third offer?

Is the niche big enough?

If you are doing a website, you should brainstorm 20-30 topics you can write about. If you know the niche, what do you think others will be interested to know? If you are new to the niche, what do you wonder about the niche? Write down some topics and ask yourself that is this enough for a website? Remember each post need to be at least 1000-1500 words long if you are planning to do SEO.

If you want to start a youtube channel, can you have a 5-15 min long talk or presentation about 20-30 topics?

And remember that the topics should be helping the visitors.

How to pick the correct product to promote

The gravity score

The most important thing is to check if the product sells today. Clickbank is full of affiliate offers that is both old or bad. Great products in the past will often get old and not sell anymore. So you need to check if it sells. To do that you see the gravity score. It should be above 15 and preferably above 20.

clickbank gravity example

What is gravity you may ask? Gravity is a score that is given to each product that indicates how many affiliates have earned a commission on that product. This is calculated for the last 12 weeks, and a recent sale was given a higher value than one 12 weeks ago. The gravity score is weighted and calculated based on an algorithm that is unknown for people outside Clickbank.

The sales page

Go to their sales page and see if it have the requirements below:

  • Do the sales page looks professional?
  • And do it look legitimate?
  • Will it fit in your chosen niche?
  • Is this page something you want to send your visitors to?

he last requirement is the most important one. You don't want to send people to an illegitimate offer, so your visitor loses the trust in you and doesn't listen to you anymore.

What can Google tell you about the product?

Google is a significant source of information. Google the product and see what you can find about it. Most likely you can find a lot of information that will tell you if this product is a good product but remember one thing. If it seems like a bad product, you can still write about it, but don't let it be the first product you write about. And don't promote it as a good product if you think its a bad one. Be honest!

If it seems like a good product and something that you want to promote, go to the next step.

The product seems reasonable, but do I need to buy it?

This is a difficult question. I like to test the product before I promote it. I have checked all of the products I have written about. If I have not tested the product, I have researched the product, and I have also written I have not tested it. Sometimes I understand what the course or product is about, maybe because I recognize it as similar to something else I have bought. Occasionally other reviews can tell you all you need to know, but be sure to read several reviews.

So the answer is that you don't need to buy the product. If the product seems terrible, it's maybe ok to not test it. I still recommend you to purchase and test before you promote. If you are doing a review from others review, then you will not bring new information to the table. And maybe the reviews are also based on other reviews, do you know that the information is reasonably accurate?

Summary of niche and product selection

I want to make a little summary of what you should watch for.

  • Find a niche that you are interested in or want to know more about
  • Is the niche big enough? Can you write 20-30 articles about the topic?
  • Find at least 5 products that have:
    • Gravity score above 15
    • A professional sales page
    • Looks legit
    • Google the product and see what others write about it
    • Do the product fit in your chosen niche?
    • Do you think this product will help your readers? 
    • Do you want to promote it?

How to promote the product

You can use a website. Start a site and write about different topics. If you are unsure how to start a website, I can write about it later. Write 20-30 articles related to the niche. The articles should be a mix of different intended outcomes.

Write 10 articles that are "how to" articles that answer some questions that a new reader can have. This articles should answer a question a reader will type in google.

Write another 10 articles that are very shareable. Articles like "12 things you didn't know about [your niche]". This types of materials should be targeted for sharing on social media.

Then you can write another 5-10 articles that answer a big topic and is almost like a guide.

Youtube videos are an excellent source of traffic, and you can promote products there. Start a youtube channel with a name related to your niche. Do some videos where you talk about problems in your niche and then give them the solution that is the product you are promoting. Or you can ask them to read more on your website to get more traffic to your site.

Paid promotions at google, bing or Facebook can be lucrative, but you need to test it before you can be sure it works. Make an advertising account to Facebook, google or bing and make ads for your site and promote it to people that are hopefully interested in your website. The best thing is to give away something for free. Give them a mini-course, an ebook or other information that people in your niche will like to have. To receive it they need to sign up to your email list, and then you can promote more products later.

CB Passive Income is a course that teaches you on how to do affiliate marketing with Clickbank. You can read more about it here.

Also important to remember that the more popular a niche is, the more people are trying to earn money in it. This means that you need to work harder to receive the traffic.


Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate networks with a lot of products for you to promote. You still need to know what to look for and some extra tips to promote your product. I hope you have received it here, so you know a bit more.

Have you tried Clickbank or want to start promoting Clickbank products? Comment below what your experience or questions.

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