How To Get ClickFunnels For Free

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Want ClickFunnels for free? It is possible and I have listed the options you have to get ClickFunnels for free here. 


To get ClickFunnels for free, you need to promote ClickFunnels successfully to 3 people. Then you will receive enough in commission to pay for your subscription. Another method is to order Funnel Builder Secrets where you get 6 or 12 months with ClickFunnels for free. 

I have listed the different options below, how to get it, and what you need to do. 

Get ClickFunnels For Free By Promoting ClickFunnels As Affiliate. 

ClickFunnel’s affiliate program was amazing in the past. Lately, they have done some changes to their program so you need to do a bit more initial work to receive the full commission. Don’t get me wrong, the affiliate program is still amazing. 

You receive badge commission once you join ClickFunnels and you earn 20% on every subscriber that joins ClickFunnels through your affiliate badge. The badge affiliate is a passive promotion to everyone that is visiting your pages made in ClickFunnels. I assume you always have the badge turned on. 

You want to actively promote ClickFunnels for maximum results, for that you need to submit your request to join their affiliate program by going to Once accepted you will be able to promote ClickFunnels front end offers like One Funnel Away Challenge and the books. 

When you have earned $1000 during a calendar month, you can apply to become an open affiliate where you receive a 30% commission for every ClickFunnels that subscribe through your link. The most effective method to get $1000 in commission is to promote One Funnel Away Challenge to 10 people. 

Once accepted, you only need to get 3 people to subscribe to ClickFunnels through your link to get ClickFunnels for free. Most likely you already have 3 ClickFunnels accounts from the 10 people that joined One Funnel Away Challenge through your link. You will receive all the commissions from the backend offers from ClickFunnels, but you need to be accepted before you get access to your affiliate link for ClickFunnels 14 day trial. 

To be able to earn the 40% commission that was the standard payout in the past, you need to have 40 unique ClickFunnels accounts on a monthly basis that are subscribing through your affiliate link. 

This is the way you are able to get ClickFunnels for free. This is not an easy way, but very manageable. By doing this work you will be rewarded. I recommend you to check out Affiliate Bootcamp that is free. You will learn 15 proven ways to promote ClickFunnels. 

You can read my Affiliate Bootcamp review here. 

Get ClickFunnels for FREE!

There are other ways than promoting ClickFunnels to get it for free. You can order the Secret Funnel Strategy where you receive everything you need to become successful with funnels. 

You will receive Funnel Hacks Masterclass where you will learn how to do a successful funnel hacking so you know how to design a funnel and an offer that will work. 

You will receive the Funnel Builder Secrets course where you will learn how to build a funnel like a pro.

And you can use Funnel Scripts where you answer some questions and you will receive the copywriting for your sales letters, sales videos, advertising, and other copywriting you may need. 

A funnel without visitors will not make you money, so you will also receive the course Traffic Secrets so you will learn how to get traffic to your funnel. 

And you will get ClickFunnels Platinum for free for a limited time. This is based on the package you choose. 

Funnel Builder Secrets

Choose the LadyBoss offer and get 6 months with ClickFunnels for free

You can choose the training from LadyBoss (Kaelin Tuell Poulin) where she tells her story and training.

Kaelin was totally new to this but is one of ClickFunnels’ biggest success stories. She had overcome a weight problem and wanted to do something more with her life. So she joined one of Russell Brunson’s training where she did something very few people did. 

She followed the training step by step to the letter. She didn’t skip a few details or did shortcuts as many do, a habit that even I am guilty to do. She had a story to tell and this is her advantage, but most people have a story to tell. Most people have something they can share with others. I bet you also have knowledge that other people want to learn.

Her story is awesome and what she has become is an inspiration to us all. So I also recommend you to go through the training with Kaelin Poulin. 

What you will receive in the LadyBoss package: 

  • You will receive 6 months with ClickFunnels Platinium. 
  • The 6-week Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • The Funnel Builder Secrets course
  • Unlimited access to Traffic Secrets
  • 12 months’ access to Funnel Scripts
  • The LadyBoss bonus (ClickFunnels Unlimited account)

A Total Value Of $11,552!

Watch the training and order it for only $1,997.


Choose the Funnel Builder Secrets and get 12 months with ClickFunnels for free

This is training from Russell Brunson where he tells his story and what you will receive when ordering. 

Russell Brunson has since a young boy been a marketing geek and he has struggled for several years to create his online business. 

His online business started with selling potato guns, he has tried the make money online business and selling other products and training. 

It was the time consuming and expensive creations of funnels that made him create ClickFunnels. It started as a software for him to create funnels, but ended as his main product helping other entrepreneurs to create their funnels. 

In the courses you will learn what Russell Brunson has learned during his two decade long journey. 

What you will receive in the Funnel Builder Secrets package: 

  • 12 months with ClickFunnels Platinium
  • The 6 week Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • The Funnel Builder Secrets course
  • Unlimited access to Traffic Secrets
  • 12 months’ Access To Funnel Scripts
  • The 10X bonus

A Total Value Of $11,552! 

Watch the training and order it for only $2,997! 

Secret Funnel Strategy

PS: When you choose to order, you can also choose a package with 6 months with ClickFunnels for only $1,997 at the order page. 

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