Funnel Scripts Review – Will this product do all your copywriting?

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Do you struggle with copywriting and need some help? Read my Funnel Scripts review to find out if this product may help you!


Hi there, my name is Richard and I have been a Funnel Scripts user for some time now. In this Funnel Scripts review, I will share my experience and thoughts about this program.

I started to use Funnel Scripts during the One Funnel Away Challenge. My task was to create a sales page and I struggled a bit. We received a funnel from ClickFunnels during this challenge with tips on what to write where, but it was still not easy for me.

I had this white page with some tips and tried to write something clever. After a couple of tries, I decided it was enough and I needed to try something else. So I bought one year access to the software, at that time this was the standard plan.

Funnel Scripts is mostly done online, but to use the most advanced scripts, you need to download the script. The download went fine and I loaded an already done savefile to get started. Jim Edwards recommends us to always use an example and model that.

I will not lie and say that everything went fine with Funnel Scripts, but it was easier to write the sales letter with Funnel Scripts. I received a template and used that to create my own version. When I was finished I needed to change a bit on the wording here and there, but I was happy with the result. My first sales page!

After that, I have used many of the scripts. The headline scripts are especially useful. I also liked the origin story and epiphany scripts, but when you have your story you are finished. Headlines are something you write all the time.

Who is Jim Edwards?

Jim Edwards is a man that has done a lot of copywriting and has a more down to earth view of the profession. He has made several scripts and decided to rich out to Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels and asked about a partnership. This partnership was about Funnel Scripts and Russell Brunson was all in at once.

Together they have promoted Funnel Scripts mostly by doing Funnel Fridays where they are creating a funnel in 20 min by using Funnel Scripts and ClickFunnels. This is a fun show to watch to I recommend you check them out. So Russell Brunson has done a lot of the marketing while Jim Edwards creates the scripts.

Funnel Scripts Review - My honest thoughts about this copywriting software

Jim sees copywriting as building blocks. You need to have a particular structure for your writing. I sales letter has its structure and all you need to do is to fill in the spots. So by having a frame where Funnel Scripts is asking the different questions, your answers will fill the missing spots.

We amateurs in copywriting don’t know the frame in the different writings. What headlines are good to write, and especially not a big task like a sales letter. 

The different scripts

I will not list every type of scripts because it’s so many of them and some of them are also placed below multiple topics in the collapsible menu.

  • Downloadable Wizards: Here you find the downloadable wizards that are more advanced and are too big to be done online. This is scripts like The perfect webinar, video sales letter, and the survey script to mention a few of them. You find 6 different scripts below this menu.
  • Advertising Scripts: Want to do advertising? Here you find some good scripts that will help you with the advertising copy. You find 4 different scripts below this menu.
  • Bullet Scripts: Bullets is important on many types of pages, and even can be used in emails. You find 2 different scripts below this menu.
  • Case Studies/Testimonial Scripts: Testimonials and case studies are used by many, so why not plan ahead and use a script you follow before you begin? You find 2 different scripts below this menu.
  • Content Creation Scripts: Want to write an about me page? Or create a demo for a product? Maybe you also need some ideas on topics for your next emails? Then this section is for you. You find 6 different scripts below this menu.
  • Email Scripts: As a serious marketer you are probably doing email marketing. In this section you find onboarding scripts, follow up scripts, email headline scripts and more. There is a total of 10 different scripts below this menu.
  • OFA Scripts: Are you doing the One Funnel Away Challenge? Here are all the scripts you need for this challenge. Or if you want to create a new funnel, you have all you need below this menu. There are both unique scripts and scripts from the other sections here. You find 9 different scripts below this menu.
  • Sales Copy & Video Scripts: Want to do some sales copy and need some help with your copy? Then Funnel Scripts have scripts for your headlines, videos and sales letters. Lots of different scripts for your funnels and ecom/amazon store. You find 15 different scripts below this menu.
  • Sales Letter Scripts: In this section, you find the scripts for your sales letters only, and you have 3 different scripts to choose from. 
  • Titles, Headlines, Subject Lines: Need a headline? You can choose from many different scripts like the killer headline script, short headline script, profitable headline script and more. You have 8 different scripts to choose from.

How to use Funnel Scripts

You go to and log in at the bottom of the page.

Now you want to find the script that fits your need. IF you are not sure, there is a blueprint. You can check the picture below for an example. All the blue lines are a link to the recommended scripts for easy navigation. 

funnel scripts blueprint

In this example, I will go for the headline script. Every script has a demo if you are not sure how to use the script or need some tips. Most of them also have an extended demo.

Jim Edwards recommends you to always use the example projects and then fill out with your project. It's easier for you to fill out the different questions by modeling what is already written.

Below is not even half of the example project listed for this script. 

funnel scripts example project

Click on one of the examples and the forms will be filled. The picture below is from the Stock Investing course example. 

funnel scripts headline script2
funnel scripts headline script3

The above are just a few headlines.

You can download or email the results after done your project. This applies to every script. 

funnel scripts get results

You can also copy the one you like to the clipboard, or add several to the clip bin where you can download the best ones after you have gone through them all. 

funnel scripts clip bin

So this was the headline script. A similar process is for all the online scripts.

For the downloadable wizards, the process is similar. You will also receive an auto-generated powerpoint presentation file you can use. 

Funnel Scripts pricing

The price has increased regularly. In the beginning, the Funnel Scripts price was much lower than today. The reason is the number of scripts that were available at that time. Over time the list has increased, and the same have naturally also the funnel scripts cost.

I bought Funnel Scripts for $497 and have never regretted that decision. When they offered lifetime access for only $97 I ordered this deal the same day.

How much are Funnel Scripts now?

The price for Funnel Scripts is now $797 and you receive lifetime access. If they still add scripts as they do now, I believe the price will increase in the future as it has done in the past.

Remember Russell Brunson has a book launch soon and based on what he has told us on the podcast, he will probably continue writing books. And the knowledge in both his books is turned into a script.

If you are looking for a funnel scripts discount, I think you need to wait for a long time. I have not seen any discounts and have not received emails about sales. What I can do is to sweeten the deal with a better offer, you can check the bonus section down the article.

Is there a free version of Funnel Scripts?

There is no Funnel Scripts free plan, but you can test the headline script for free if you like. You can do it here.

You will get a huge list of headlines based on the input you are typing.

Who are Funnel Scripts for? 

Funnel Scripts is for marketers that do their own copywriting. If you are an experienced copywriter, you probably don’t need this program.

If you are a beginner, Funnel Scripts will help you tremendously. You get everything you need to create your first draft. The first draft is hard to write and Funnel Scripts will help you get started. As mention, most scripts require you to go through and change your wording a bit so everything flows great.

Funnel Scripts alternative

There is no alternative to Funnel Scripts as I know of. You will probably find bits and pieces out there, but not a program that has it all like Funnel Scripts.

If you know something, please comment below.

What I like about Funnels Scripts

  • Lots of scripts to choose from
  • Easy to navigate inside the member’s area. 
  • Easy to create different content that requires a lot of work. 
  • Great to use if you need some ideas for your project. 

What I don't like about Funnel Scripts

  • A few of the scripts is a bit simple, but still great if you need ideas. 
  • What you will receive when ordering Funnel Scripts

    You will receive a lot of scripts and more are added all the time. You will find a script for most of your marketing needs. 

    In addition to that, you will find example inputs and demos for every script. So if you are stuck, you find content on the same page that will guide you through the process. 

    You will also receive the following bonus from Jim Edwards:

    • Inception Secrets: Training Russell Brunson did in front of selected marketers where he teaches on how to sell. 
    • 5 funnel templates for ClickFunnels: This is proven high converting funnels for different uses. 
    • Copywriting Secrets Master Class: This is recording where Jim Edwards is teaching copywriting. There are 6 videos with more than 2 hours of valuable information. 
    • Live monthly training with Jim: Jim do one monthly coaching call where you receive updates on Funnel Scripts, he answers your questions and gives valuable tips on copywriting. 

    My Funnel Scripts Bonus

    I want you to succeed with Funnel Scripts. So when you choose to order through my link, I have the following bonuses for you: 

    • Affiliate offers
    • Recurring affiliate offers
    • Full Access to Affiliate Power Pack

    All you need to do is to contact me and I will send the bonuses to you.


    Funnel Scripts by Jim Edwards have a lot of scripts to help you with your copywriting, both for huge projects like webinars and sales funnels, but also smaller ones like writing an email.

    You will probably not use all the scripts, and some of them very few times. But I’m using Funnel Scripts almost every week for my work. Not everything is perfect on the first draft, but after some minor editing, the results are very good.

    Can it compete with an expensive copywriter? Probably not, so if you have the money to spend on copywriters, go for it. If not I recommend Funnel Scripts, especially now when you receive lifetime access. 

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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