Expert Secrets PDF: Can you download the book for free?

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If you want to learn the art behind marketing, there's no better way to start then reading Expert Secrets. But can you download Expert Secrets PDF for free? Read here to find out.


Hi there, my name is Richard. Since you are on this page, you probably want Expert Secrets for free in pdf format. In this article you will learn: 

  • Expert Secrets is not available in PDF format
  • Where you can get Expert Secrets for FREE, you just need to pay for shipping
  • What you will learn from Expert Secrets
  • And why you don’t want another free pdf file on your hard drive. 

Let’s find out.

What are Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets is written by Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, and in this book, you will learn how to sell.

This book is about how to find your voice, become a leader, build a movement and get paid by offering you expertise. I know this sentence will scare many people away, it did that to me and still its a bit scary. 

expert secrets

Not everyone wants to become a leader and build a movement. I think most people are happy working with what they love and stay in the background. And this book is also for you because you still need to find your voice. 

Very few people are born experts, and to become one, you need to practice. In Expert Secrets you will learn that everyone is an expert, you just need to stay one step in front of the others. This is correct, but you also need to develop your voice. 

You need to find your what and who. When you have found this, it's easy to sell for one million dollars a year as Russell Brunson says in his podcasts. Even Russell Brunson needed to find his voice regarding ClickFunnels before they got success. 

And to find your what and who, you need to publish and find what people will react to. You can do this by writing blog posts, start a podcast or do live videos on Youtube or Facebook. After doing this for some time, you will see what people love and you change your message based on the feedback. This is the meaning of how to find your voice. 

In Expert Secrets, you will learn how to tell stories so you will find your voice faster.  

And by finding your voice, you will improve your sales message. And remember, even affiliates need to sell. 

And if you choose to, you can build a tribe and start a movement like many successful entrepreneurs have done. But first, you need to find your voice. 

You can read my review of Expert Secrets here

Who is Russell Brunson, the author

Russell Brunson is the Co-founder of ClickFunnels and has built a movement called Funnel Hackers. The information in Expert Secrets is based on what Russell Brunson has learned during all the talking he has done on seminars, webinars and from building his tribe. He has also included the experience from his students and what they have learned and done. 

Russell Brunson loves marketing and his love for presentation is from seminars where experts were talking in front of people and earned a lot of money selling their products. Money can make a lot of people do things they initially didn’t want to do. Even an awkward and shy young man as Russell Brunson decided he wanted to learn this skill. This is based on his words. So during the next years, he learned from his mistakes and studied those who master this skill. 

The Internet became this huge thing so he started doing webinars online where he did them several times a week. During this time he tried all the time perfecting his presentations and the structure he used is now called the perfect webinar. One of the secrets in Expert Secrets is how to do a perfect webinar. 

Expert Secrets is one of the 3 main books Russell Brunson has written. The other ones are DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets. Those books are a trilogy that contains almost everything Russell Brunson knows about marketing.

Did you know that Expert Secrets is also available as an audiobook? Sometimes we just don't have time to read, and then the audiobook is a better alternative.

The reason why you want to read Expert Secrets

If you want to do presentations and educate other people, this is the book you need to read. You will find several examples of people that started to educate other people as a hobby with no expectations, but after time this becomes a leaving where they improved the lives of other people. 

I know this sounds scary for introverted people, like myself. You don’t need to show your face and run webinars in front of a live audience. You can do it by blogging, doing podcasts or you can record your screen and publish it on Youtube. You need to start with what makes you comfortable and still learn your voice. 

To learn your voice applies to so many aspects of your life. You need to master it in your business, and you need to master it in your private life. And how much skill you need is something you need to decide. 

Download Expert Secrets PDF, is it possible? 

Expert Secrets is not available as a pdf. The only format you can get Expert Secrets is in paperback. 

And I’m happy about that because I don't need another pdf file on my computer. I have enough pdf files that I have forgotten and never read. I have my Expert Secrets on my shelf and every time I need to find some information, I grab the book and find the information. That way the book is actually used for what it is. An information source you use regularly.


The reason you are on this page is probably that you wanted the book for free and don’t care about the format you receive it in. I have good news for you. 

You can get Expert Secrets for free here.

All you need to do is pay for shipping and handling. Great news, don’t you think? 

The book is not free, is it a scam? 

Maybe you are now thinking “But I have to pay for the book, that isn't free!” 

You will receive a physical book and the book is free. You only need to pay a small fee for shipping and handling. 

First, those who pay, pay attention. And the more they pay, the closer attention they pay.

Quote from Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets

As mentioned before, I have a lot of free pdf files on my computer and I have read only a few of them. And the information has never resulted in improving my life. Because I didn't pay attention to something I received for free. 

So by paying a small fee so ClickFunnels will ship the book to me, I will pay enough attention to find out that Expert Secrets is a great book that deserves to be taken seriously. And I need to take action on what I have learned in this book. And the action I do will improve my life. 

I’m positive Expert Secrets will improve your life to.

So pay the shipping and handling he is asking for. Those who pay, pay attention. Do you want to pay attention? 

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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