ECom Elites – Review

What is Ecom Elites? What will it do for you? Is this something for you? Or is this a scam? Read more here to receive the answer.


Introduction to Ecom Elites

In Ecom Elites you will gain access to 8 modules and 4 that is added later. This video course is over the shoulder videos, and very vel explained. You will receive extensive training in dropshipping business by using Shopify and aliexpress. 


  • The best dropshipping course I have ever seen.
  • Step by step and over the shoulders videos.
  • Franklin Hatchett is outstanding in explaining.
  • You receive a lot more in this course then in courses I have joined that costs $1997.


  • There are no written worksheets with a summary and clear instructions what to do.

Pay $197

Instant access

The modules in this course: 

  1. Sourcing products
  2. Creating your store
  3. Facebook Traffic
  4. Advanced Facebook traffic
  5. Instagram Traffic
  6. Organic Google Traffic
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Business 101
  9. Top Secret Videos
  10. Update Module! Ongoing videos
  11. Video Requests
  12. Weekly Videos

Ecom Elites by franklin hatchet

In this course, you will gain access to more than 140 videos with pure content and no fluff.

Franklin Hatchet often does his videos in front of a whiteboard or computer while he is showing his exact step what he usually does.

His teaching style is not very formal, and he is sincere. His way to teach tells me he knows what he talks about and doesn't need to oversell to try to force trust from us. 

Product Overview:

If you want to start with drop shipping, you can begin to watch videos on youtube. You will receive a lot of information, also conflicting advice. You will probably spend way too much time on youtube and never start with your project.

Or you can buy this course, the best course I have ever purchased. With more value than the courses to $1997 or $2497. From an experienced teacher that also is good to explain and structure the material.

Franklin Hatchett will give you 60 days money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?

Note: This is a review of the course, not about dropshipping. Some do it great with dropshipping while other struggle. 

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