I tried to earn money online without paying for course

I remember the first time I tried to make myself an online income.

I was listening to a podcast where they presented an affiliate marketing course.

This was a course named Constant Profits Club and is closed now.

I was really excited and I watched every webinar. Since every webinar was slightly different, I learned something new every time.

I understood how this should be done, but the devil is in the details.

And I didn’t have the details or the experience.

The issue was that this course was expensive and the cost was $1997. This is a lot of money to pay for something that I don’t know that will work.

So I decided that the webinars were enough and I was ready to try to make an affiliate site by my self without an expensive course.

I made my site and wrote several articles without a clear understanding of what I should write about. I also suspect the niche I chose was not the best one.

Today, 4 years after, this site pays for itself with the income from advertising on my site. Nothing to celebrate for..


Invest in yourself is the most important thing you can do

The problem is that courses may be expensive, but time is also limited.

If I have bought the course, I would probably have a site that has made a nice side income now.

When I look back, the course was probably cheap and I was stupid that didn’t go for it.

On the other side, I would probably not done everything that I have done after that course. I have learned a lot that has made me the person I’m now. This has been a fun ride, but it took time.

I have probably been better off by paying for the course.

I could also research more on youtube. The problem with youtube is that you will receive a lot of information. You can do affiliate marketing in so many ways that you will be confused.

And another issue with youtube is that you probably spend all your time watching videos and learn. To learn is very important, but do you know the most important thing you can do?

To take action and do something!

A course can give you the path to online income, but you need to walk the path.

So don’t be cheap and try to do everything for free. No business is done for free. You need to invest to make money.

And investing in yourself is the best investment you can do.

And you need to take action for results.

So here I have a great course for you. At Wealthy Affiliate, you receive hosting, training, software and a community.

And all this for free so you can test it before you decide this is something for you. A free account is a bit limited vs a premium account.

So click here and you can read more.

And remember I have some bonuses for you if you choose to join with my link. You can read more in the review.

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