How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

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To start a project to earn income as Amazon affiliate have low startup cost, but can be challenging. Amazon requires you to create a site, and this is the easiest part. To receive traffic is the most challenging part. This is because traffic is the only thing that results in many clicks on your affiliate links that lead to a sale on Amazon. To become an Amazon affiliate is very popular since Amazon have a huge variety of products you can promote.


Choose your niche inside Amazon

You should choose a niche that you are passionate about and have some knowledge. This because affiliate marketing through Amazon will involve multiple reviews and recommendations. If you know something about the niche, the research about your audience is easier. You could pick a unique area such as one regarding drones or archery just to be precise and narrow enough. This is just an example and not a recommendation of a niche.

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The Amazon affiliate website

The choice of a name requires a lot of research. You have to choose a domain name based on keywords to ensure that people are actually able to find your website easily through search engines.

Namesilo offers domain registration at very low and affordable costs. They are the one I use when I register a domain name. With regard to web hosting, it is easy to find a good cheap hosting package where you can have unlimited domains. Then you can use several websites under a single hosting package.

You also need to know some basic website elements such as HTML since even though the layout is already done for you; you still need to know some things such as image insertion and the usual formatting of the text.

WordPress is the best with regard to the blog as it is free. It is also very simple to install and with an interface that is easy to use. The availability of many templates makes it very easy to use in order to make the site much more appealing to the visitors. Some hostings also have software that you can use to build websites with WordPress.

You can read my how to start a website guide by clicking here.

The site visitors are usually very categorical with regards to what they want. They usually have certain keywords hence it is good to categorize the products differently. WordPress and other blogs creating software usually allow you to do this.

Good content and reviews to promote your site

The next step is to create content for your site. You need to write multiple product reviews including commentaries and several articles about your niche. This ensures that the search engines have enough of your content to understand your site so your site will be ranked higher in search results for keywords in your niche.

Good content will also get people to your site and they will think this is written by someone with good knowledge in the niche and trust your reviews.

Amazon affiliate

After doing and following all those steps, you can now proceed to join Amazon as an associate. The link is usually at the bottom of the Amazon website page.

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No visitors - no affiliate sales

The marketing of this site and its products are the most challenging part, good content and reviews will not bring you traffic. Participation in online business networks and related online communities can massively help you in your advertising.

If you are on a strict budget, optimizing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and creating backlinks to your site is the only way to generate traffic. This requires some work and the results will come after several months.

Social media is also another good free or paid way to generate traffic to your Amazon affiliate site. To create and maintain a good Facebook or Instagram page and get followers require some work. But when you have many passionate followers, the results can be very good.

Use of Google Adsense can also aid you to generate a little revenue and it is free to sign up.

If you want to learn more about how to make money as an Amazon affiliate, I advise you to check out my review of Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. This is an affiliate marketing course with a huge module on how to start an Amazon affiliate marketing site.

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