What is the difference between website and webpage

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All the web-words can be confusing, so what is the difference between a webpage and a website? And what is a webpage and website? Click here to find out!


Hi there, my name is Richard and you are now going to learn the difference between website and webpage. 

Before you learn the difference between the two of them, you will learn what website and webpage are. That way you better understand the difference. 

What is a webpage?

A web page is a page you are opening through a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari to mention most common of them. The page is located on a server that is connected to the internet. 

This page is a web page and contains many links to other webpages. Most of them are my webpages, but some are owned and made by others. That way you can browse around on the internet without typing in the full name on the webpage. And all the webpages are linked together in a big “spider web”. 

What is a website?

A website is a group of webpages. You can usually say that a webpage is the domain name where all the webpages are hosted.  

The difference between website and webpage

So when you want to go to my website named Path To Online Income, you go to the domain pathtoonlineincome.com. This is my website. Here you will see my front page that is sort of the shopping window for my website. That way you can find out what this website is all about before you browse further inside my website, similar to a shop.  

On the front page, you have links to all the webpages my website contains. Only a few are directly linked, most of my webpages are grouped in subcategories where the category page is linked to my front page. That way you can browse my website based on what interests you. 

This is how a website is structured, but very few people go directly to the front page. The most common method is to search for an answer on a search engine like Google or you find a link on a webpage that claims they have a solution to your problem on another webpage. 

The most common method is to go directly to the webpage that contains the information you want. 


The difference between a website and a web page is that a website is a collection of webpages usually below one domain name.

They all are linked together like a big spiderweb so people can find the information they are searching for. 

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