ClickMagick Review – The Best Click Tracking Software To Boost Conversions?

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Need a link tracking software and don’t know if ClickMagick is the correct choice for you? Then read my ClickMagick review to find out! 


Hi there, my name is Richard, and I have used ClickMagick for almost a year now. I use it in my affiliate marketing business to cloak and track links.

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What is ClickMagick

ClickMagick is an advanced link tracking software that filters out bot traffic. You can give each link its own identifier, so you know exactly what link they clicked and what performs best. You are also able to use link rotators and other advanced tools like overlays on linked pages. 

Visit ClickMagick here.

ClickMagick Review - Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions

I started to use ClickMagick after I received a business in a box sharefunnel. One of the recommended methods to drive traffic to the funnel was by using solo ads. ClickMagick is the recommended link tracking software when ordering solo ads. 

So after some time, I started to use it more and more. So I decided to transfer all my links from Pretty Links to ClickMagick. Pretty Links is great, and it's free, but I liked some of the more advanced filterings in ClickMagick. 

I have not done the more advanced tracking like how much a click is worth to me or tracking back when people are ordering through my link. Some affiliate networks have made this easy while it's not so easy on others. So I have decided not to get lost in the advanced functions. 

As affiliate marketers, tracking sales will always be an issue, and I have just accepted that. I know people that have done this successfully based on the traffic source. 

What’s the core functions In ClickMagick

Below are some of the main features in ClickMagick and what their benefits are. 

Automated & Intelligent Split Testing
With ClickMagick you can do split testing between different pages. If you don’t have a page editor like ClickFunnels, with split testing function, you can create two pages and do the split testing with ClickMagick. 

Money Layer Technology: The MagickPop, Countdowns and The MagickBar
You can add bar, popups and countdown timers to any page with ClickMagick, even the pages you don't own. 

So you can link to a page on a website you don't own and add MagickPop that appears when they try to leave. That way, you can use other people's content to collect email addresses. Or you can add banners to remind them of the extra bonuses you are giving them. 

Advanced Retargeting
You can add tracking codes from Facebook or Google in the link for retargeting purposes. Or to build a lookalike audience. 

Dynamic Affiliate Links
You can create your own sales page and send people directly to the order form. With the dynamic affiliate link, they will be cookied, and you receive a commission for the sale.

That way, you can create a sales page that talks directly to your audience and will hopefully sell the product better. 

You need to do this ethically and check the terms of service for the product you are an affiliate for.

Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis
ClickMagick will monitor and filter the clicks you receive on the link. So you can see the overall quality of the clicks and other information like country or they used mobile.

This is very useful if you are buying solo ads. That way, you know you receive what you have paid for. 

Content Locking
You can force the user to do a specific action to get access to the page. That can be they need to opt-in or share the page on social media.  

24/7 Automatic Link Uptime Monitoring
If you have a website with a lot of links, you will soon lose control. Some of the offers can be removed, or the site goes down. With ClickMagick you will be notified by email when the link is no longer working. 

Automatic "Bot" Filtering
The internet is full of bots, and ClickMagick will automatically filter out the bot traffic. Bots will be flagged and will be counted as flagged clicks. This is very useful because with other software, you will be fooled to believe that you are sending more visitors to your affiliate offer than its right. 

GEO And Mobile Targeting
You can send people to different pages based on their country or if they are using a mobile or not.

FB and Google Analytics Compatible
You can give Facebook or Google a ClickMagick link and still be in full compliance with their conversion tracking. 

Track your sales funnel
If you have a sales funnel, you can track the performance of the funnel based on the traffic source. 

Simplicity, Ease-Of-Use, Reliability & Speed
ClickMagick is easy to use and have a high speed. Your tracking links will not give your visitors noticeably reduced speed compared to direct links.

ClickMagick Experts Academy

If you choose the standard or Pro plan, you receive access to the Experts Academy. Every month, ClickMagick get a trainer to teach something where the value is much higher than the price for ClickMagick. 

Some of the topics are: 

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  • Affiliate SEO Magick
  • Market Research Blueprint
  • The Beginners guide to boosting conversions
  • The Briggsby Experiment
  • The Engagement funnel
  • Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
  • Untapped Leads
  • And much much more…

On top of that, you will also receive even more training if you go for the pro plan. 

Why solo ad buyers want to use ClickMagick

If you are ordering a lot of solo ads, you need to use ClickMagick to monitor the quality of the traffic you are receiving. Are they sending known bots? Are they sending you people from tier 3 countries, but promised 90% from the US? Tier 3 countries are countries with less spending power and usually converts lower. This is something ClickMagick will monitor for you.

If you are ordering through a platform that monitors this for you, you still want to track how they perform through your sales funnel. When you are ordering from multiple vendors, you don't know who is sending you traffic that converts.

You can order solo ads at Udimi or Traffic for me.

Why solo ad sellers want to use ClickMagick

ClickMagick has a link rotator with all the standard function a link rotator have. You will also receive: 

  • Tier 1 filtering
  • Bot filtering
  • Mobile filtering
  • Be able to add Facebook or Google tracking to create a custom audience or lookalike audience of your most active clickers. 

I'm not a solo ad seller, so I have not tested the link rotator.

ClickMagic compared With Pretty Links

I used Pretty Links before and still are using it on some of my sites. Pretty Links is great when you have only a few links and don’t need more advanced functions. With Pretty Links, you can monitor how many clicks the link has received, both total and uniques. You will also be able to set the links to nofollow and a couple of extra functions, but it will not filter out bots. 

So Pretty Link is a free, easy to use and very good link tracking and cloaking software, but without the more advanced functions you receive with ClickMagick.

I especially like the bot filtering, and I loved the traffic quality monitoring when I ordered lots of solo ads. 

And the MagicPop is great to use for building an email list. 


ClickMagick Pros & Cons


  • Link cloaking so you will have nice and short links
  • Advanced filtering, both automatic and custom made
  • Easy to setup if using the core functions only
  • The ability to redirect or do full cloaking 
  • MagicPops and MagicBars that gives you the ability to collect email addresses from other people's content


  • Very advanced with a high learning curve on the more advanced functions
  • I have seen on very protected corporate networks that they will block full link cloaking. I assume this is an issue for every link cloaking software

ClickMagick Price

ClickMagick has 3 plans where you pay monthly. 

clickmagick plan month 1

Or you can choose to pay annually and save ca 30%

clickmagick plan annually

clickmagick plan annually

If you don’t have much traffic yet, just go for the starter plan and upgrade as you get more traffic. 

If you want access to the Experts Academy, you need to go for the standard or pro plan. 

ClickMagick Guarantee

With ClickMagick you sign up for a 14 day free trial where you can cancel the account any time during that time, and you will not get billed. During that time, you will receive full access to ClickMagick. 

You will also receive a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. So if you were a bit too late to cancel during the 14 first days, you have 30 days from ordering to get a full refund.

clickmagick guarantee

ClickMagick Discount

There is no discount codes or sales that happen as I know. You will get a 30% discount if you pay upfront annually. This is a good deal you should accept when you decide to use it. 

The support

With ClickMagick you have access to very good video training and help files that can help you with most of the questions you have.

In addition to that, you can send in a ticket and receive an answer in 4 hours!

If you are on the standard or pro plan, you will receive an answer in 1 hour!

Conclusion: Very Happy With ClickMagick

ClickMagick is a great tool.

What I like is to have all my affiliate links in one place where I can place them in different groups. I know how many clicks I have received, how many unique clicks, and how many bot clicks and other filtering I have added like my IP address. 

I recommend ClickMagick for people that want and need more filtering and more advanced link cloaking and tracking software.

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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