ClickFunnels vs GetResponse – What to choose?

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ClickFunnels and GetResponse are now similar products when you are looking at the features. You can use both to build funnels, landing pages, and send emails. So what to choose?


If you look at the functions that ClickFunnels and GetResponse have you may believe they are very similar, but this is not the truth. I have used GetResponse and ClickFunnels for some time now, and I love them both, but out of different reasons. You will soon know why, and I hope this information will help you.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels started as a funnel and page builder software that have added functionality and are still working on adding more functions. They have an autoresponder, so you get the most of what you need to build a website and collect email addresses.

I started to use ClickFunnels because of a sharefunnel I received from an affiliate by joining ClickFunnels. I have made some landing pages in the past, so ClickFunnels was easy for me to use. After creating some landing pages and funnels, I saw the value in ClickFunnels. It was so easy to design beautiful pages fast and to create funnels. And to do A/B split test of pages is also very easy to do.

After using ClickFunnels, I see the value of funnels and how important funnels will be in the future for people that sell or are building an email list.

ClickFunnels also has the co-founder Russell Brunson that is one of the best marketers out there. He is giving a lot of training, both for free and paid. Russell has also created a community around ClickFunnels. When you are joining ClickFunnels, you are a funnel hacker where you can engage with other funnel hackers in the ClickFunnels community.

ClickFunnels is not just a software, but you have Russell Brunson as the person you can relate with. He is the face out, so ClickFunnels is not just a faceless company.

What is GetResponse

GetResponse started as an autoresponder and have added more functionality as they grow. Now you can also run webinars and build landing pages and funnels. Funnels are named autofunnels in GetResponse.

I started to use GetResponse when I began with affiliate marketing. I used MailChimp in the past and used it for my e-commerce business. When I added my first affiliate link, I was immediately shut down. I got my account back after removing my affiliate link but decided I had to move to a more friendly autoresponder. My choice was GetResponse, and I have always been happy with them.

With affiliate marketing, I needed some ways to collect email addresses. I tried with GetResponse and its working fine. I created a form that I added to my widget area and to the specific pages I want to collect emails.  To use an external form inside your page in not straight forward. You will not see how it's performing regarding how many that choose to give you the email address of those who have seen the form. So how do you improve the performance of your form? Sometimes it's also a bit hard to get the look you want when you need to design the form in one place and then check how it will look on your page.

Lately, GetResponse has created a funnel builder module. The funnels you can create is designed to collect email addresses, show your webinar, and sell products where you collect payment by adding a PayPal button.

PayPal buttons are great to use when collecting payments, but you will not be able to have more advanced sales funnels like you can in ClickFunnels.

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ClickFunnels vs GetResponse - Comparing Features

Below I have made a list of all the important functions and if they are included in ClickFunnels and GetResponse.


Create Landing pages

Create Funnels

Add Order Bump

Add Upsells

Page Templates

Funnel Templates


Advanced Email Automation

Broadcast emails

Contact Scoring


FB Messenger Bot

Create embedded forms

Create Affiliate program

Create surveys


Yes ($49 plan)



Not one-click






Yes ($99 plan)

1000 Included












Yes ($297 plan)


Yes ($297 plan)

Yes ($297 plan)






What will they cost?

ClickFunnels have two different prices where the starter plan is $97/month and the Etison Suite for $297/month.

GetResponse has a wide variety of prices and is more beginner friendly regarding the cost. For just the basic functions, you only need to pay $15/month up to 1000 contacts. Then the price will increase.

For more advanced functions, you need to pay $49/month, and it will increase the more contacts you have received.

In the long run, the price difference is not big, and you should use the software that will give you the most value and help you the most to run your business.

Why choose GetResponse

How they started also tell what the strength of GetResponse is. They began as an autoresponder, and they have created a very good autoresponder with a lot of advanced functions and automations.

Later they have improved the ability to create forms and also created a funnel builder module.

So if you want to collect email addresses and do email marketing, GetResponse will be the best software for you. Their autoresponder is superior, but the landing pages and funnels are not as advanced and easy to use.

You can say GetResponse is an autoresponder with funnel and landing page functionality. And not let us forget the ability to run webinars.

Why choose ClickFunnels

How they started also tell what ClickFunnels strength is. They began as a funnel and page builder for people without technical skills. So it's easy to build funnels and pages.

Later they have added an autoresponder and some more functions. The autoresponder is good and solid but lacks advanced features. And to be honest, advanced functions and behavior tagging based on specific actions and if statements are nice to have, but it is difficult to maintain and can be confusing. The advanced features are more for people with extra interest in this sort of work and should not be the focus in the beginning.

So if your focus is to sell and you want to create funnels and landing pages, but also be able to send emails both manually and automatically to your list, ClickFunnels is the preferred choice.


You have now learned that ClickFunnels is best to use for page and funnel building and GetResponse is best to use for email marketing.

You can do what I do, and I use the starter plan for ClickFunnels and the email plan to GetResponse. That way, I get the best from both software and use their lowest priced plans. You will lose some tagging functionality when people join your email list from ClickFunnels and you are limited to 20 funnels and 100 pages. This should be more than enough in the beginning.

When you are earning more money, you can upgrade the plans since this cost will be small regarding the value you are receiving and the money you are making.

What I recommend you to do if you are still not sure what to use is to test them both. You will receive 14 days free trial on ClickFunnels and 30 days free trial on GetResponse. This time is more enough to test them and to find out what is working the best for you. It's time consuming to change page builders and autoresponders, so you don't want to do it often.

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