Can ClickFunnels replace your website?

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Today the most common method to build a website is by installing a website builder such as WordPress or Wix. There's other out there also, but this is the most common ones for a regular website. But can ClickFunnels replace your website?


ClickFunnels can replace your website and you can use ClickFunnels only, but there are limitations. One of them is SEO and how ClickFunnels is designed. Clickfunnels is used for funnels.

As always, the answer is never completely yes or no. I will discuss that later in this article. I'm most familiar with WordPress as website builder so I will use them as an example. WordPress is also some of the most used website builders and free to use.

The death of websites… Or?

ClickFunnels have a campaign where they claim that the website is dead. The promotion video is funny and illustrates what ClickFunnels do and what the claims are.

ClickFunnels is sort of correct in their claim, but if you want a blog or maybe an e-commerce store, you are better off using another website builder.

Even ClickFunnels themselves are using WordPress on their blog with and they use a custom ClickFunnels WordPress theme as the image below are showing.

The core function of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is made for funnels where you want to lead people through a step by step process. This process can be a sales funnel where you are adding one-click up-sells and down-sells where your customer can just choose yes or no. The process can also be a more simple one with a page where you are collecting emails and a thank you page after you receive the email. Also named lead funnel.

The core function of WordPress

WordPress is made like a blog where you can choose if the latest blog post will be on the front page or a static page you have made.

You can add menus so people can navigate around your site and find what they want. WordPress is also great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Google has stated that WordPress do 80-90% of the necessary SEO for you. This way people will easily find your posts through their favorite search engine, where Google is the most common one. But you will not guide them through a path you want your visitor to make. WordPress is more for information sharing.

With WordPress, you can add plugins to get more functions so you can build your website to be almost what you want. You can even make funnels with the correct plugins, like Thrive Architect to mention one. And just for the record, ClickFunnels is way more easy to use then Thrive Architect.

So can you replace your website with ClickFunnels?

So if you want a small site where you want to collect emails and maybe have a couple of sales funnels, ClickFunnels is great and can be used.

Maybe you are using social media or ads to get people to your site and are happy about that. Then use ClickFunnels.

If you want to write articles and blogs where people also can find you through a google search, ClickFunnels is not that great. Even that you have the option to set SEO data on each page you make.

With ClickFunnels you also have limitations regarding pages if you are using the startup plan. You are limited to 100 pages, while the Etison Suite that cost more is unlimited. It will be a bit messy with 50+ pages.

Regarding price so is hosting with a WordPress site much more affordable and the recommended method if you want to write blog post and articles.

What many people are doing is they got the front page made in ClickFunnels, then they have their blog or articles made in WordPress. By installing a WordPress plugin that links to your front page and funnels made in ClickFunnels.

That way you can do advertising or social media where you link to your front page, and you have blogs and articles made in WordPress where you are answering questions that people may search for. That way you are receiving free traffic in addition to paid traffic through advertising.

What's the difference between a website and funnel?

A funnel is two or more pages that leads your visitor though a jorney you have made for them. For each page you have only the information your visitor needs for the next page. You usually try to collect email adresses or sell something. On one of the pages you collect this inrmation. 

A website can be a funnel but you are probably thinking on a place where you can share information like this site. This site is runned by WordPress and I have hosting through Siteground. I share information and run a blog so WordPress is more correct to use. ClickFunnel can run my funnels.

Do you need a website if you have ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a website builder and you only need Clickfunnels. You can order domains through ClickFunnels, but is not easy to transfer them from ClickFunnels if you stop using them. ClickFunnels try not to stop you transfer your domain, the software is not made for it. So you are recommended to use Namesilo or similar for owning domain names. ClickFunnels can also send your emails so you only need ClickFunnels if funnels are correct for you. 


While ClickFunnels is great software and can replace your website. If you want people to find you through google search or write a lot of blog post and articles, WordPress is usually the best software to use.

If you are selling something, then ClickFunnels is the best choice. And you are not limited to information products, you can have funnels for physical products, coaching and a lot more.

Why not use both and get the best from both software? This is my approach and what I recommend you to do.

You can receive 14 days free trial for ClickFunnels here and test it out. 

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