ClickFunnels Cookbook – The Recipies Every Funnelhacker Wants

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Want to create a new funnel but don't know what to create or how to create it? Then you need a cookbook with ClickFunnels 22 top funnels. 


Hi there, my name is Richard and you will now learn about the ClickFunnels cookbook

When I signed up for the ClickFunnels Cookbook, I was really impressed. I believed I got this little pdf file, but it was more. I received 3 films where Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, teaches us the principles on how pages and funnels are built. 

The main takeaway from the films is that you can treat it like lego blocks where you fit blocks together and create a page, and several pages become a funnel. 

The films are worth watching and highly recommended. 

Clickfunnels cookbook

What is the ClickFunnels Cookbook?

The idea of this book is to teach people about ClickFunnels, how to software works and how to create funnels. Russell Brunson wants you to have this book and use it while you create funnels.

If you want to collect leads for your business, you can go and check what types of lead funnels you have to choose between. What pages they are made of and how the pages are built.

If you want more information about ClickFunnels, you can read my ClickFunnels Guide

What you will receive in ClickFunnels Cookbook

The book has 3 main chapters and I explain them below. 

ClickFunnels page

Chapter 1: Elements

This chapter is all about how ClickFunnels works and what a page is made of. A ClickFunnels page is made of sections, rows, and elements. In this chapter, you will learn about every element and how to use it.  

This chapter is all about the ingredients in the cookbook. 

Chapter 2: Pages

A funnel is where you let your visitors go through several pages. ClickFunnels have made several funnels and pages and in this chapter, you will learn about all the pages they use and how they are built. 

Chapter 3: Funnels

Here is the fun part. As every cook knows, you usually don't put fish and meat together in a meal. So in this chapter, you will learn how the different pages fit together in a funnel

ClickFunnels have tested a lot of funnels and they have created 22 main funnels that they have used successfully. This is a lot of funnels and they have grouped them together out of what functions they have. SO if you want to sell something, you go to the buyer's funnels. If you want leads, you go the leads funnel and you also have the event funnels and other funnels.

You can see an example of a funnel below. 

bridge funnel

Conclusion about the ClickFunnels Cookbook

This book is great and I see why Russell Brunson recommends you to order this book. You can have it on your desk and use it while you are building funnels. 

This book is free. You need to pay for shipping and handling for the physical copy, but you can also get a digital version free. I have chosen the free digital version, but I sometimes wish I had the physical version. The cost of shipping is a bit high outside the US. 

Richard Walker

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