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Clickfunnels have a great affiliate program with many products to promote. If you are doing affiliate marketing, I strongly advise you to take a look at this post. If you are using ClickFunnels, you know how awesome a product this is, and you should tell others about it. 


ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

As mention ClickFunnels have its own affiliate program that you can sign up to. The affiliate commission is usually 40% on all their products. Some exceptions typically are on the cheap front end products.

The exceptions for this rule is:

  • One funnel Away Challenge that is 100%. Yes, you receive $100 for each signup and 40% for the upsells.
  • The other exceptions are free+shipping products like Russell Brunson's books. You receive $1 for the books and 40% after that. The reason for the low commission on the books is the small margins since they are free.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is great, and there are so many products you can promote that has massive potential for a huge commission. The products are also amazing, so you have never a risk to become an affiliate. But as all affiliate, I recommend you to purchase what you promote. At least the first product.

The Clickfunnels sales funnels

Clickfunnels have multiple funnels you can promote. They all are made to get people inside the ClickFunnels universe. Some funnels are there to get them to become a customer, while others are there to teach them the value of funnels and ClickFunnels.

The Sticky Cookie - What is it?

There is a lot of questions about the sticky cookie, but this is not something magical like someone want us to believe.

When someone clicks your affiliate link and goes to or other sites ClickFunnels own, their browser will store a cookie from that site. This is similar to many other sites that use a cookie for affiliates. So if they don't buy, but leave the site, they still have a cookie in their browser. If they buy the day after, you as an affiliate will be credited the order, and you will receive a commission. If the cookie is removed before the purchase, you will no longer receive the commission.

That's why you want to sticky cookie them, this means if a user is giving their email address to ClickFunnels after clicking your affiliate link, you will be registered as their affiliate. This means you will receive a commission if they decide to order something in the future.  If they order after a week or 2 years in the future, you will receive the commission, and this is an outstanding deal for you as an affiliate. That's why some of the funnels are made just for you to sticky cookie users so ClickFunnels can try to convert them to a customer with their email marketing.

The sticky cookie will be overwritten if they order through another affiliate link, but you will not lose the commission from previous affiliate sales. If they order ClickFunnels through you, you will keep them as long they are an active member.

The 2-Tiered Commission

People that you have recommended and are registered as an affiliate at ClickFunnels through you if they receive commissions, you receive an extra 5% from them. So if you have a lot of affiliates below you, you will earn even more in commission. Sounds great? šŸ™‚

I have seen rumors that ClickFunnels want to remove this, but this information is still on their affiliate page.

Update: ClickFunnels want to protect themselves from accusations of MLM or pyramid scheme from FTC, so they have now removed this function. Only users that joined ClickFunnels while this function was active will still have this benefit. 

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels have made a course named Affiliate Bootcamp to teach people how to promote their products. ClickFunnels want people to become successful, so they get more members to join. So they also made the course free.

This is proper training that I recommend you to join.

affiliate bootcamp logo

Click the image to join Affiliate Bootcamp

Want to win your dream car?

You can win a dream car if you become a successful affiliate for ClickFunnels.

If you manage to get enough ClickFunnels members, you can apply for a dream car to ClickFunnels. There are some rules regarding the car. If you are accepted, you will receive a monthly payment that will pay for the lease of your dream car.

You need to have 100 ClickFunnels members below you, you will then receive $500 each month.

If you manage to get 200 ClickFunnels memberships, you receive $1000 each month to pay for your dream car.

If you get below the required number a month, you will not receive the payment, so make sure you do not depend on this payment.

The challenge is the same as the Affiliate Bootcamp, but you will receive this awesome landing page you will see if you click the link above and sign up.

You want to give massive value when promoting ClickFunnels

Lately, there was a SAM funnel that was popular to run and advertise. It was a sharefunnel where you promoted ClickFunnels, but ClickFunnels had to shut it down, and I understand it.

The SAM Funnel promised massive results by joining ClickFunnels, import the SAM Funnel, and promote it with solo ads through a particular platform. If you did this, you received commissions both from ClickFunnels and the solo ad provider. This method is very similar to a pyramid scheme and was promoted similar to a get rich quick scheme.

ClickFunnels didn't like this type of promoting and its understandable. This means they now enforce their terms of service regarding affiliate marketing. Before the SAM funnel, ClickFunnels didn't care what you did, as long they got more customers.  So after some time, you get this terrible marketing of ClickFunnels that is not good for their brand, so it's understandable that they had to be more strict. So read their terms of service and follow their rules.

This is not a complete list, but in a few words, you need to:

  • Give massive value when you are promoting.
  • Don't use income claims. You are allowed to tell people what you have earned, but don't tell that they can make the same.
  • Be ethical and don't lie.
  • Don't promote ClickFunnels as a business opportunity that will make you rich fast.
  • Use disclaimers. 

So how do you promote ClickFunnels?

There are several ways to promote ClickFunnels, probably more ways that I can imagine. The main focus is to find where your audience is and advertise to them. This can be other affiliates, but the best is to go to people that will benefit from funnels and ClickFunnels to improve their business. You can also promote to entrepreneurs with the One Funnel Away Challenge where they learn how to start a business by using ClickFunnels. 

Done for you ShareFunnels

You can create a sharefunnel in a particular business that you can give away to those who want more customers. Show them the funnel and give it to them if they sign up for ClickFunnels. I recommend that you do it in a business that is not affiliate marketing, but you can do real estate, plumbing, HVAC, and similar. That way the promotions is not to get rich promoting ClickFunnels, but how to get more customers.

You can also give them a done for you service where you set everything up for them for a price, maybe with extra support like a Facebook group with other users? 

Promote ClickFunnels through Facebook Groups

Another popular method is just to give value and help people in forums and Facebook groups. Facebook groups are more popular now then forums, so I recommend to start with groups. The downside with this type of promotions is that you are not allowed to post affiliate links, so you need to optimize your Facebook profile for promoting ClickFunnels. That means a describing image and links in your profile to your landing page. Many people like to have their Facebook account for family and not doing business, and Iā€™m one of them.

So by answering questions in groups and posting massive value, people will be curious about you and want to see who you are. They will click on your name and go to your profile, and there they will see what you have to offer.

I see many people are using this method with success in the ClickFunnels groups. 

Paid promotions on Google or Facebook

You can also do paid promotions, but it's harder. Paid promotions cost money, and you need to earn them back. So what you usually want to do is running paid traffic to a landing page where you are giving away something for free if they give you their email address. Then you are promoting a ClickFunnels product to them.

Russell Brunson recommends you to sell something to a low cost in the same funnel you are collecting email addresses. With this method, you will hopefully get your advertiser cost back. This is the goal with a funnel like that and is named self-liquidating funnel.

You will earn money by promoting more ClickFunnels products or other affiliate products through email marketing. 

Promote ClickFunnels by creating content like blog posts, podcast, or Youtube videos.

You can create content where you are teaching your audience what ClickFunnels is, how to use it, and why they should use it. If you are giving a great offer if they sign up through your link, you will probably receive commissions.

So if you like to write, start a blog and begin to teach people as I wrote above. If you want to do videos, create videos! If you wish to talk, but not be on video, do a podcast!

What is important is to do something regularly for a long period. Learn from your mistakes and improve. You will be bad at it in the beginning, but you will grow and be successful over time.

I strongly believe in doing something regularly over a long period and stick to it, and you will be successful. If I have done it, Iā€™m sure that I would be successful for a long time ago.

Do you need to be a ClickFunnel user to promote ClickFunnels?

You don't need to be a ClickFunnel user to promote ClickFunnels, but is it ethical to promote a software you are not using? How can you tell others how fantastic ClickFunnels is if you don't want to use it yourself?

So the short answer is you don't need to use ClickFunnels yourself, but it's more ethical and more natural to promote ClickFunnels if you are using it yourself. And remember you can create many funnels and create bridge pages with ClickFunnels where you can promote other products.

So if you are not selling something yourself, do a Youtube video where you are talking about another product you are recommending. Ask the viewer to click on your link in the description where you are collecting their email address and give them an offer and why they should order the product through your link.

And to be clear, you don't need to use every product you are promoting. There are several great autoresponders out there, and I recommend a few of them, but I'm using GetResponse. GetResponse is the autoresponder I recommend the most. If I promote other autoresponders, I will tell my audience that I use Getresponse and this is the autoresponder that fits my need the best. That way, I try to be ethical and be honest. 

Clickfunnels Avengers Facebook group

Clickfunnels have their own Facebook group for members that want to be a ClickFunnels affiliate. Here you can connect with others and receive tips and hints on how you can promote ClickFunnels. 

How much can you earn in commissions from ClickFunnels?

I planned to put all the commissions you can earn here but decided against it. The best is you join the affiliate program and check it yourself, since its so many funnels you can promote. All the listing will be a bit boring. If you don't agree and want me to list all the funnels, and I'm happy to do it. Just comment at the end.

There is something you need to remember. Some funnels are made to sticky cookie people. So if they buy later, you get the commissions. So always promote some of the free offers in your email marketing. ClickFunnels do email marketing that may convince them to order from them.

The best affiliate program to promote to new people is The One Funnel Away Challenge and the books. The price is low, and they will learn why they should use ClickFunnels, and that's important.

You can join their affiliate program by clicking here.


Chapter 1: What is ClickFunnels - A Introduction

Chapter 2: What is a sales funnel (with examples)

Chapter 3: What is ClickFunnels

Chapter 4: Why use Clickfunnels

Chapter 5: ClickFunnels and E-commerce

Chapter 6: How to promote ClickFunnels as affiliate  << You are here

And more are planned. 

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