ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review – Why Join?

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What is the updated Affiliate Bootcamp to ClickFunnels? Is it free as the previous one? Will you learn something useful? Read my review of this Bootcamp, and you will learn if this is something for you.


Hi there, my name is Richard, and I have gone through the updated Affiliate Bootcamp from ClickFunnels

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For some time ago, I did the first Affiliate Boot camp from ClickFunnels. The training was good, but some of the content was outdated. We were told to promote products that no longer existed. I have to admit that I didn't follow the training. I liked it but didn't take action because I didn't believe everything that we were taught.

In a later time, ClickFunnels have done some work to make sure that everything complied with FTC. Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, told us in a live Facebook video that they received more claims now and they needed to be 100% sure they followed every rule and regulations.

This was to protect ClickFunnels, and also to make sure that we as affiliates are still able to promote one of the best software and products out there with one of the best affiliate programs.

ClickFunnels have also not been so strict with the rules to us affiliates in the past. They had some rules in their affiliate programs but didn't make sure we followed the rules. This because they received customers and Russell Brunson has been an affiliate that has done far worse things in the past. This was when the internet was a place where the different governments didn't regulate what happened there. Now If the affiliates do something wrong, it is ClickFunnels that is in trouble. That's why they had to give us new training to become affiliates and do it the correct way, both ethically and follow the rules and regulations.

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My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions On Affiliate Bootcamp

So they launched the new Affiliate Bootcamp. They did something similar to the 30 Day summit. In the 30 day summit, they asked 30 successful entrepreneurs how they would make money in 30 days after they suddenly lost everything. All they received was an internet connection and one-month free access to ClickFunnels.

This time they have 15 super affiliates of ClickFunnels, and they will tell you how they would become super affiliates of ClickFunnels in 100 days if they had to start all over again.  

So you join the Affiliate Bootcamp, and you receive the first interview. Every day youreceive a new interview by email where a new super affiliate tell you how they would do it.

What's great with this approach is that if you didn't like how Steve Larsen (the first you will watch) want to do it, some of the 14 people after him will tell you a method you will like. Then you can do something similar. You model what is working.

The coaches

Steve Larsen
Julie Stoian
Dave Gambrill
Rachel Pedersen
Jim Edwards
Greg Jeffries
Jacob Caris
Dana Derricks
Joe Marfoglio
Spencer Mecham
Marley Baird
JR Rivas
Josh Rhodes
Tyler S. Clark
Billy Gene
Peng Joon

Affiliate Bootcamp Pros & Cons


  • 15 different methods on how to become a super affiliate. Some of them will fit your style and experience for you to do something similar.
  • Some of the interviews are very good.


  • Some of the tactics are for pro’s, and not everyone is on that level. 

My bonuses

I Want you to succeed with affiliate marketing. So if you decide you want to join the Affiliate Bootcamp and do it through my link, I will give you something extra.

A summary of the different plans to the super affiliates. That way, you don't need to watch everything and can pick the ones that seem most interesting.

Conclusion: Very Happy With Affiliate Bootcamp

I loved the Affiliate Bootcamp and liked it much more than the 30-day summit. Here you receive information on how to do affiliate marketing, something I love to learn more about. To create your own product to sell or do coaching is a bit too advanced for me. I want to become successful with affiliate marketing, and later, I can use my experience to create courses or do coaching.

So in the 30day summit, I could relate to 1 or 2 stories that I could try to do something similar. In this Bootcamp, I have at least 8 people that I like to watch a bit more. Some of them with advices I will do straight away regardless of what I will do. 

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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