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What is CB Passive Income Elite? What will it do to you? Is this something for you? Or is this a scam? Read my CB Passive Income Review to find out!

Hi there, my name is Richard, and you are now going to learn what CB Passive Income is, will it help you to make money and do I recommend you to buy it.

You want to make money, and there is a lot of programs and strategies you can follow out there and earn money. Both full time and as a side hustle.

Most of the methods require you to follow a course. You don’t want to try to do this without a course or mentoring, you will probably fail as many do.

A course costs money. The same does the software you need to make this work. You probably need hosting, maybe funnel software, an email marketing software, and you need to create your marketing materials and test how it works.

For newbies, this is very complicated and difficult. You need a lot of time to set everything up, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Then you need to find an audience to your message. There are a lot of roadblocks you need to solve before this even can become a side income.

Is there a more straightforward method to do this for newbies? What if there was a done for you system out there, so it was easier to begin? Maybe there is, let’s find out!

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What is CB Passive Income?

CB Passive Income is an affiliate marketing program where you license the right to use a proven business where you receive marketing materials, hosting, and web pages. You will also receive training on how to use this program and how to get people to your website so you will earn money. 

The model is that you are giving away a report or a similar product to everyone that visits your webpage. To receive the report, they need to give you their email address. That way, you can build an email list where you can promote more products. 

So you earn money by doing email marketing where you promote products where you receive an affiliate commission. 

CB Passive Income was released in 2013 and is made by Patric Chan. During the years, this system has been improved regularly, and the latest version is named CB Passive Income Elite, upgraded from CB Passive Income 5.0. 

CB Passive income is short for ClickBank Passive Income. The reason is that you find this product on ClickBank. Clickbank is a big and well-known affiliate network. 

Watch what Russell Brunson, the co founder of ClickFunnels says about Patric Chan. 

CB Passive Income Review – My honest opinion about the Elite version

As mentioned before, CB Passive Income is an old program that has evolved in many versions during the years. In the beginning, you licensed his materiel, where you were basically an affiliate of Patric Chan, where you received 100% of the commission. All you needed to do was get people to the website. 

CB Passive Income is so much more now, and many of the previous flaws are now removed. First, we need to understand what you will receive when you order this product. 

What you will receive with CB Passive Income

You will receive both software, training, and coaching. 

4 X 4 Training And Coaching

You will receive 4 weeks of training where you find the training inside the member’s area. 

Module 1 – The Elite Walkthrough

This is a done for you system that is easy to set up, but you still want training in how to use it and how to set it up. 

Module 2 – The strategies 

In this module, you will learn the proven methods to make money online. You will learn different techniques, and I recommend you to pick one and stick with it until you it works. You don’t want to jump around. 

Module 3 – Proven methods to get visitors

You now have a fancy website, and you have a done for you system to earn you money. Without visitors, you will make nothing. So this is the most important module where you will learn how to get people to your website so you can build an email list. 

Patric Chan will share his proven methods to make this work. This training is both for free and paid methods to get people to your website. 

Free methods to get people to your site is great but take a longer time. This is usually a recommended method to begin with. Since you already have tested marketing material, you can go directly to paid methods if you are confident and have the money to do it. You don’t need to use free methods to test your material. 

Module 4 – The next step

You are now earning money and building your email list daily, what now? In this module, you will learn what your next step is and how to make even more money. 


When you are finished with the training, you can join 4 coaching classes where you can ask questions and get feedback on what you have done.

This is a great opportunity to get answers to your questions. You also have access to a discussion group where you can ask questions to other CB Passive Income members and coaches. 

Image of Patric Chan
Patric Chan

Your Webpages

You need to fill out some information, then the Elite system will generate your pages with your done for you offer. The pages will have your branding only. This is an improvement from previous versions. 

The webpage will be updated if they find ways to increase conversions, so you always have the most optimal web pages that turn as many visitors to subscribers as possible. 

Everything is automated and done for you after you have filled out the necessary information. 

The Content Engine Software

You can choose between 50 reports you can use to give away to your visitors that want your report. People love reports and will convert many visitors to email subscribers. They need to give you their email address to receive the report. 

What is great with this content engine is that the reports will be branded with your web site name, your website URL, and have your affiliate links. So when your subscribers read your report and click the links, you will earn money when they order the products inside the report. 

The reports I have read have high quality and are written well. I have not read all the 50 reports, but I assume they all have the same quality as the ones I read. 

Email Swipe Files

To write emails take time for beginners and is also hard to write. What do you want to write about? With the email swipe files, you have 3 months with emails to send. You only need to copy/paste them in your email software, and they will be sent automatically to your subscribers. 

I recommend you to use them as a template where you model how it’s done. That way, your emails will be written how you like it and contain the wording you will do when you are out of swipe files. 

If you are entirely new, you can copy/paste them in the beginning until you have developed your style of writing. 

Done-For-You Funnels

Funnels are the new ways to do the selling and remember you need to sell your free report. To build a funnel cost money and is a lot of work. With the done for you funnels you receive in CB Passive Income, you already have a tested and highly converting funnels included in the price.


They will are all the time adding more content, funnels, and training to the system. If you act now, you will get them for free. Later they will be available as an upsell.

These are highly valuable bonuses where you can give more value to your email list. And we all need more training on how to get more visitors to our sites. 

The previous versions of CB Passive Income

The earlier versions of ClickBank Passive Income had some flaws. One of them was that everything was branded in Patric Chan’s brand. This was because you were using his system and was sending traffic to his webpages. Now when you receive a cloned version, the web pages and content will have your branding.

The full name of this product is ClickBank Passive Income, so you were able to promote ClickBank products only. ClickBank has many great products, but there is so much more out there. Luckily you are now able to promote what you want. 

Since you were using Patric Chan’s system, you were not able to customize the funnels. You had to use what Patric was using. Now you can customize the funnel with additional steps. What if the extra step were able to pay for the advertising? How cool is that? 

One big advantage you have now is that you receive the email list. Before, you needed to pay a huge upsell to receive the email list you have built. You were basically building Patric’s email list where you got the affiliate income for the first 3 months or something. This change is a massive improvement from the previous versions. 

You received training in the past versions also, but now you will also receive coaching. So you can ask questions if there is something you wonder about.

CB Passive Income pricing

When you order CB Passive Income, you receive lifetime access to the system. There are no upsells, but they will move some of the bonuses as an upsell in the future. So I recommend you to act fast on this deal. 

You can order CB Passive income as a one-lifetime payment of $497. This is the best deal for you. 

You can also choose a payment plan where you pay $47/month for 12 months. 

The price seems a bit high at first glance, but a majority of the good courses out there cost more, and then you need to order additional software and spend a lot of time on content creation and testing. 

With CB Passive Income Elite, you receive a done for you system with training where you only need an additional email marketing software. And as a bonus, you will gain free access to AutomationCart where your first 10,000 emails are free. This should be more enough until you have an income. 

Is there a guarantee? 

You will receive a 30 day money back guarantee when you order CB Passive Income. All they ask is you have made an honest effort to follow the system. 

ClickBank also issues the guarantee, so you are not at the mercy of Patric Chan.

Who will benefit from CB Passive Income? 

CB Passive Income Elite is for newbies that want an easy system where everything is done for you, so you will not get overwhelmed. All you have to do is to get people to your webpage. This is not the most straightforward task, but you don’t need to do everything. Just learn a small task of your business. 

My CB Passive Income Bonus

I want you to succeed with your affiliate marketing, so I give you some bonuses if you order through my link. This is so you get a little extra so you will succeed. 

  • I will give you free access to an Affiliate Marketing Course valued at $197. You will receive very good training and coaching, but sometimes it will help to be explained by somebody else with a different focus. 
  • A list of great affiliate offers with the commission payout and link to where you can sign up. That way, you don’t need to waste your time on promoting bad offers. 
  • A list of the best recurring affiliate offers with the commission payout and link to where you can sign up. Recurring commission is great since you can receive it regularly for years. 

All you need to do is contact me after you have ordered and I will send you the bonuses.

CB Passive Income Summary

You will receive a done for you system where you receive marketing material, webpages, funnels, and email swipes. All you need to do is to get people to your offer. When you have converted the visitors to email subscribers, you can promote affiliate offers to your email list. 

You will receive training in how this is done to a price that is lower than many affiliate marketing courses out there. 

CB Passive Income is recommended to newbies. 


  • Affiliate marketing can be hard and costly to start with if you do everything yourself. Here is much of the work done for you.
  • Computer skills are not needed.
  • Very beginner friendly!
  • When you have gained enough experience in this program, you can easily expand your business and scale your online business further.


  • I don’t see any big disadvantages since this is a done for you system for newbies where you will learn the skill on how to get people to your offer. This is the most important part of your business, and you can learn the rest later, or you can outsource it. 
  • One disadvantage I see someone mention is duplicate content. The search engines don’t like duplicate content, but a website with a few pages will struggle to rank on google search. You will also use traffic methods that don’t rely on SEO, so I don’t even see this as a minor disadvantage. 


CB Passive Income is a great done for you system for newbies that want to learn affiliate marketing. Many successful entrepreneurs have started with CB Passive Income and have later created a big business based on what they learned in this program. 

If you want a done for you system that will remove many roadblocks from your path to online income, I recommend CB Passive Income Elite. 

If you don’t become overwhelmed easily and want to be in full control of your business, there are other courses out there that I recommend. You can check them out here on my affiliate marketing course list

Remember to contact me to receive my bonuses after you have ordered.

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