How To Cancel Your ClickFunnels Account

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Want to cancel your ClickFunnels account, but don't know how? Read here to find out!


Hi there, my name is Richard and now you are going to learn how to cancel your ClickFunnels account. So you have decided for some reason that you want to cancel.

Maybe you were an affiliate and didn't manage to promote ClickFunnels and decided to cut your cost? I have some options for you later in this article.

Maybe you didn't manage to sell your product? I agree that without a product you don't need ClickFunnels, but I have some options for you later in this article. 

How to cancel your ClickFunnels account

First, you need to log in to ClickFunnels and go to "Account Settings". You find where it is on the image below. 

Cancel ClickFunnels 1

Then you need to go to "Account Billing" and then "Cancel Account". You find where it is on the image below. 

Cancel ClickFunnels 2

Then you click the yellow button "Cancel My Subscription". You will now see a survey since ClickFunnels want to know why you want to cancel your account so they can improve.

Answer the survey and you will cancel the account. 

I'm on the 14 day free trial period on ClickFunnels and I don't want to pay

So you want to just test ClickFunnels and don't want to pay the subscription, how to make sure you don't need to pay?

ClickFunnels have stated that you need to cancel your account 24 hours before the trial ends to avoid being charged. So you need to do the steps above 24 hours before your trial.

Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, have also claimed that they have 30 days guarantee. So if you are not happy, you can cancel your account and get your money back during the first 30 days using ClickFunnels. I can't see this stated in the terms of service. So this can be an old rule they no longer have or this is something they don't want to broadcast, but still do if requested. 

How to set your ClickFunnels account on pause

If you don't want to pay the subscription for ClickFunnels, but you also don't want to lose the hard work you have done inside ClickFunnels, you have an alternative.

You can set your ClickFunnels account on hold. To do that, you do almost the same as canceling your account. While doing the survey, you will receive the option to set your account on hold. That way you will not lose your data and you can continue later.

This plan cost $9.99 / month. I assume they charge money so they don't have a lot of idle accounts on hold.

I think this is a great alternative if you are lost and need a break to find what you want to do with your business. 

So what should you do instead of canceling your ClickFunnels account?

If you are an affiliate marketer and didn't get results with your promotions, you should try to think why. A lot of people are successful in promoting ClickFunnels and ClickFunnels products.

What you should do is set your account on pause and join Affiliate Bootcamp for free. You will receive one video every day for 15 days on how to promote ClickFunnels. One video each day from one super affiliate of ClickFunnels.

You can read my review of ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp by clicking here.

If you want to sell products or service, ClickFunnels have training for you too. One of them is to join the 30 Days Summit. In this summit, you will receive one video every day for 30 days from one of ClickFunnels 2 comma club. This is people that have made more than $1mill from one funnel for one year.

You can also join the One Funnel Away Challenge. In this challenge, you will receive daily training and coaching in how to research, create a funnel and get people to your offer. This is daily training videos for 30 days and you will also receive all the videos from the 30 Days Summit.

This is a higly recommended and affordable course you can read more about in my review by clicking here


It's easy to cancel your ClickFunnels account and you are free to leave whenever you want. You also have the option to set your account on pause if this suits you better.

And if you don't want the training I suggested and still want to cancel your ClickFunnels account. You can try a new 14 days trial later.

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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