What is a bridge funnel?

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Hi there, my name is Richard and you will now learn what a bridge funnel is and why you want one yourself. And maybe I have one bridge funnel for you?

What is a bridge funnel

A bridge funnel or a bridge page is a funnel where you bridge the gap between your audience to the product you are promoting. 

Why you want to use a bridge funnel

There are many reasons you want to use a bridge funnel or page. The main reason is to collect leads so you can follow up on them and build your audience. 

Other reasons can be: 

  • Your audience trust you and if you are recommending the product, they are more likely to order the product. 
  • Your audience may not understand why they should use this product because the sales page tries to catch a broader audience. By explaining why your audience needs this product, they will more likely understand why they need it.  
  • You are giving away bonuses if they order the product through your link, that way you are adding additional value to the product that increases the likelihood that they want the product. 

A bridge page or funnel is all about you building your emails list and give your audience a reason why they should order the product. 

The product you are promoting needs to be good and give your audience a reason why this product will help them. If you are fooling them just for the commission, you will soon lose them as audience and this is a very short-lived business. You are here to build a business for the long term, aren't you? 

If you want to learn more about collecting leads, you should read my review of Lead Funnels.

You have to give them a reason to use your bridge funnel

So are you promoting a product? Why should they buy through your link? Why should they give you money just because you are recommending the product?

One reason is that they trust you and you have given them a lot of value in the past so they want to “pay” you back for all the information they have received. 

But the biggest audience is the people that don’t know you, so you also want to give them some reason to order through your bridge page (or link). 

I see very few people are doing it, but you want to give them bonuses. You don’t want to give them some random crap, but something that will help them with the product you are promoting. 

Maybe the product has some flaws that you can solve? If you are promoting a course, maybe you can give them a written summary of each video so they don’t need to rewatch videos? 

Be creative and add some bonuses that will help them use the product you are promoting, and they will love to order through your link so you earn a commission. 

And now you have their email address so you can promote more to them later. 

And remember to think of the affiliate product you are promoting as your own product and create an offer out of it. That way you will stand out from the rest. Several people have mentioned that they ordered through my link since I was the only one giving them bonuses. 

Did you know you can use ClickFunnels to do your affiliate marketing? Read my post on how to use ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing to find out how.

A bridge page is sometimes required

If you are running paid advertising, you are sometimes not allowed to use affiliate links. So how do you solve that? 

You use a bridge page where you are selling your offer that contains an affiliate link to the product. That way you are in compliance with the paid advertising service, you are collecting leads and you are promoting the product. 


A bridge page or a bridge funnel is where you bridge the gap between your audience and the affiliate product you are promoting. 

You want to do it to collect leads so you can build your email list. You also want to offer bonuses so you are giving them a reason to buy through your affiliate link. 

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