How to add a blog to ClickFunnels

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Do you want a blog and wonder if ClickFunnels is the tool for you? Read here to find out! 


Hi there, my name is Richard and you will now learn how to add a blog to ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels blog - Can you build a blog with ClickFunnels? 

The short answer is yes, you can build a blog with ClickFunnels. The big question is: Should you?

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And what is the best way to build your blog? 

First a few words about ClickFunnels. 

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a page and funnel editor where you create pages for your website. You can have buttons on the different pages where users can submit information or go to the next page in the funnel. 

The main idea with ClickFunnels is to build an online seller that guides you through a sales process. 

You can also use ClickFunnels to collect leads or to create other marketing funnels. 

You can read more in my ClickFunnels review

The different ways you can create a blog while using ClickFunnels

So you can create a blog in ClickFunnels, you can also mix platforms while using ClickFunnels. You will now learn about the different methods.

Add a blog to ClickFunnels

You can use ClickFunnels to write your blog. If you are using ClickFunnels Platinium, you have a high limit (or limitless) of pages you can create and you can create your pages and link them to each other like you would do it in other pages builders. 

It will work fine. 

Create your blog in WordPress and add funnels to a domain

You can do like me, having a WordPress site where I write my content. WordPress is one of the best platforms to use for SEO. 

Then I have added funnels in subdomains. Russell Brunson, the CEO in ClickFunnels says you should work with one funnel until it makes you $1mill. If you follow his advice, you don’t need so many funnels and this is a workable method. 

You can also have each funnel in its own domain like ClickFunnels and many others do. You can link to the different domains from your blog. 

The WordPress ClickFunnels Plugin

I have some bridge pages and I don’t see the need to have its own domain for one bridge page. 

Did you know that ClickFunnels has its own plugin for WordPress? 

With the ClickFunnels plugin, you can redirect paths from your WordPress blog to the different pages in ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels Homepage Funnel

ClickFunnels have a homepage funnel template also named Hero funnel. The Hero funnel is made so people can have a “real” homepage. A site where you can add a front page, legal pages, about your page, contact me page,  and a few other pages if you want. 

A few pages are not enough to build a blog, so you can have your own subdomain like where you create a WordPress site. 

That way you can have an optimized homepage where you can a/b split test the different pages for optimal conversion. And you can have your blog where you can share information so people can find you through search. 

ClickFunnels vs WordPress

Both ClickFunnels and WordPress are a page editor where you can create content on a website, but the intention behind the two software is different. 

While ClickFunnels is made to create marketing funnels, WordPress is made to create content. You can use them both for the same, but they have focused on different benefits. 

So to collect leads, sell information, sell coaching and physical products, ClickFunnels is the best choice for you. 

To write a lot of articles where you want to share your information, WordPress is the easiest solution. Even ClickFunnels themself use WordPress as their blogging platform. You can read more about it in my The death of websites post

The ClickFunnels Blog

As mention, ClickFunnels have its own blog where you can read advice, hints, and tips about using ClickFunnels. You can check it out here if you like.

You can also read case studies and I have found a lot of good information on the ClickFunnels blog. 

Russell Brunson has several times mentioned in his podcast that they paid Neil Patel to travel to their headquarter where he taught them how they can grow their business by using a blog. This is so more users can find them through searches on the internet. 

Russell Brunson has named this method to learn from others “a decade in a day”. He finds some very knowledgable people that have learned a skill they want to know more about. That way they learn everything they need to know in one day from one person that has used a decade to acquire the information. 

So the ClickFunnels blog is created based on the knowledge from Neil Patel. 

What I recommend you to do regarding ClickFunnels and blogging

I recommend you to create your blog using WordPress. You can give it a name and host it on its own domain. 

Then you use ClickFunnels to collect leads, sell products or coaching This can be on other domains. Since you don’t need many funnels, this is the best method. 

Then you can use ClickFunnels to create your homepage funnel based on your name or business name, like

Everything can be linked together so it’s easy to find for your visitors. 


You can absolutely create your blog in ClickFunnels. If you want to write blog posts regularly I recommend you to create a WordPress site. 

You can read my post on how to create a WordPress site if you want that. 

ClickFunnels is made to create marketing funnels where you are selling or collecting leads. In addition to that, you can create very nice, but small homepages where you can tell more about you or your business. 

Richard Walker

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