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Need a keyword research tool and is confused? Read here to find the best cheap keyword research tool for you to use. 


Keyword research is important when you are writing articles you want to rank good on google and bing. You can use tools to find keywords that are not used so much and easier to rank for. Later when you have a site with a lot of content and trust, you can go for the harder keywords with more searches.

To use keyword tools are often recommended and the more expensive ones are of course better. What I also find is that the affiliate commission for the tools is high and I think this explains some.

Google wants to stay as the most used and best search engine. When you are using google to search with, they can show you ads that make them money. So they will all the time try to stay ahead of the competition and improve their results all the time.

So Google tries to find the best articles to show you when you search. To find the best articles, they crawl the internet and tries to find out what the articles are about. In the last years, user behavior is an important factor for Google to find how good your article is based on what people search for.

So if a user searches for "best keyword research tool" I hope they will find this article, stay a long time to show Google that they read it through and find it interesting. If the user clicks back after a short time, this will tell Google they didn't like the article. Hopefully, you that read this will not do that now.

So it's very important to remember you should write for visitors, and not for Google.

Why use a keyword research tool?

A good tool will try to find the search volume and how difficult it is to rank for the chosen keyword. Most, if not all tools, will also give you similar keywords for your inspiration. My research sometimes starts with a keyword and after some searches, I have found more and better keywords to use.

This was for a few years ago the most important work you could do before you wrote something.

Why you should not base your decisions mainly on tools

Google has improved how they rank articles and their ability to understand the similarities between words and phrases. Google also monitor user behavior to find out how the different content fit the search results. How a user reacts and what they search for is also something Google doesn't tell you. This is secret information and even their own tool is off regarding search volume.

So it can happen that you find a keyword you want to write about, but a keyword research tool tells you that the search volume is very low. Then you decide you don't bother to write about it, but the search result is many times more then the tool told you. Then you missed a good opportunity.

And how do the different tool rank the phrase "best keyword research tool" and "best keyword tool" and other similar searches? I know some tools try to find similarity and others use the exact phrase. Google doesn't work that way so will the tool help you if they calculate search volume and difficulty way off?

The best affordable keyword research tools

I will now give you the most used and best keyword research tools out there. There is more, and I have not tried them all. I have no interest to spend a lot of money on tools that can be questionable if they are that useful.

Google search

This is the best tool. People use Google search to find an answer to their questions, so why not use the same tool to find questions you can answer? Start to write something and Google will suggest keywords for you. This is great information for you to use.

At the bottom of the page, you also have related searches. All this for free.

Want to know the competition for the keyword you used? Click on the top 10 search results and you see what you need to beat.

Neil Patel - Ubersuggest

Neil Patel is some of the most well-known marketers out there and he has made this free tool. It uses Google suggest and Google keyword planner to find keywords for you. It gives you related keywords, search volume, and competition. I have not used it so much, but have read great things about the tool. It's free so you can try it.

You can find Ubersuggest here.

Google Keyword Planner

This is another free and popular tool. The main use is to buy ads on Google, but many use it to do keyword research. The popularity was so big that they decided to make it harder to use for keyword research only. There are ways to do it without giving them credit card information, you can read more here.

You can find Google Keyword Planner here.


The tool I use. It's reasonably priced and gives you all the metrics you need.

You can find KeySearch here. Use discount code: KSDISC for 20% off.


Another tool I use and I have access through Wealthy Affiliate. The keyword research tool uses exact search phrase to find difficulty and we now that is wrong.

What I love about Jaaxy is the Alphabet soup. This is basically your chosen keyword + A, B, C and so on with Google suggest.

You can test the search below, but you need to register a free account to see the results. 

You can find Jaaxy here.

Answer The Public

Answer the public is a great site I use often. I write in the keyword and get lots of results back on search phrases you can answer with a great post. It's free, but you can pay for a membership to get searches in different countries, but for our use, the free version is great.

You can find Answer the public here.

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