Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Without Website

Want to do affiliate marketing but don’t have a website? Are you a beginner and don’t want to make one? Or looking for a low-cost alternative? I have some solutions for you in this article.

You can do affiliate marketing without a website

Affiliate marketing is often done with a website, but for some reason, you have decided you don’t want to build a website. Maybe it’s because of the cost or you have not the knowledge to make one? Regardless of the reason, affiliate marketing can be done without a website.

With affiliate marketing, you need to find your niche and do some research. You need to do this work regardless you want to make a website or not. You need to find the problems people have in the niche and you need to find a solution for them. The solution usually needs to be a product they can buy through your affiliate link. Your affiliate offer can be a physical product or an info product.

I will now mention some of the most popular methods to do it without a paid website.

Youtube is a growing platform for entertainment. Many people also search on youtube to find videos so they can learn something. Find problems people have in your niche and give them a solution. Usually, you need to present the problem, talk a bit about it and present them a solution. To be an affiliate marketer, the solution needs to be something the viewer need to buy through your affiliate link. You need to present the viewer what you want them to buy, how to use it and just give them information to make them intrigued.  You can have your affiliate link in the video description.

Video marketing can be done in several ways:

  • Be in the front of the camera and talk about the solution.
  • Record a slideshow or your computer screen where you speak.
  • Droodle videos where you speak.
  • Do a mix of the above.

Its advised to show your face while you do this so people can connect with you. You can also do the video without showing your face in the beginning, but remember that to show more of your self usually is positive for the marketing effect.

Do some commenting to gain targeted traffic

There is usually a forum in every niche. Search on google and find some forums you can join. Read the rules so you know what you are allowed to do. If you are not allowed to post links in posts or in your signature, find another forum and don’t waste your time there. Forums are usually a bit harder since most blogs and forums don’t accept affiliate links.

The usual methods to gain traffic with forums is to answer peoples posts and be helpful. Then you can have a link to your website or maybe post a link to one of your articles. Affiliate links can give you a warning or be banned from the forum.

Search on google and find blogs in your niche. Post some comments on their posts. Try to find something in their article that you can comment more about. Maybe add value to their blog post or ask some questions that are related. Usually, the blog owner accepts links after they recognize you as a valued reader.

On youtube, you can find new videos related to your niche and reply to people commenting. If they have questions or other comments, answer them and give them an answer with your affiliate link. Over time this will give you some traffic. Comments on youtube are usually not as heavily moderated as forum and blog posts, especially when you reply to other users comment.

Use social media to do affiliate marketing

You can join groups on facebook and comment on other peoples questions. Give them right answers and remember not to post your affiliate links to early. Let people know you before you try to sell to them. Someone who joins and posts affiliate links will often be banned from the group.

Twitter can be a good solution. Tweet a lot of good information and questions in your niche. Remember to use good hashtags and get some following. Then you can tweet some posts with affiliate links and test if you get someone to click.

You can post on Instagram and get followers. On Instagram, you can’t have a clickable link in your posts, but you can have in your bio. You can also try to add a shortened link in the comment, but I think this is not effective. This requires you to post 3-4 times a day and do some research on hashtags. To gain followers on Instagram is not difficult, only a little work.

facebook icons

Email marketing can be very lucrative if done correctly

With an autoresponder like getresponse, you can make a landing page. Design yourself a landing page and give something for free where they need to provide you with their email to receive it. The free giveaway can be an eBook, course, infographics or something else people in your niche value. Then you can send them that you promised and now you have their email. Send them information that they will enjoy. After some emails to gain trust, you can offer them a solution to their problem that is an affiliate offer.

The downside with this tactic is that it cost a little money for them autoresponder, so if you don’t want to make a website because of the cost, this is not something for you. On the plus side, email marketing can be very lucrative and something you should do regardless of what you want to do.

You can start a free website

If you don’t want to spend money on a website, you can make a free website on or similar sites. The site is easy to start and easy to design. A free website can be a solution that can make the above options more easily. Commenting on forums or blog post with a link to your website is usually more accepted then directly to an affiliate link.

Start a membership group on facebook

For this, you need to be knowledgeable about a topic that people want to know more about. Let’s say you know a lot about how to lose weight.  Then you can make a website on and signup for a PayPal business account.

In PayPal, you need to set up a recurring payment connected to a PayPal button. There are several helpful articles on Paypal on how to do this.

Start a closed facebook group and record some videos that will help people lose weight. Present your group on your free website where you have your PayPal button. When people buy, send them an invite on Facebook to your group. There they will find several videos that they can start to watch. Make a pinned post where you can write instruction in which order they should watch the videos with the link to the video. This will be the course they can follow.

Every day you can answer questions and engage with your customers. Every week you can have one hour live Q&A session and maybe add some tips and tricks every week. That way your customers find value in your group and will continue to be a member.

You need to be a bit knowledgeable if you want to do this. The people that start a website will usually do research before they write an article. In a Facebook group, you will receive a lot of answers and you need to be able to have a solution.

Why you should create a website for affiliate marketing

I have now presented some solutions to do affiliate marketing without a paid website, but a paid website is recommended. Some of the methods above can be very time-consuming and with a website, you will save time. You need to treat this as a business and businesses have expenses. To buy a domain name and host a website don’t need to be expensive. You can get a domain name below $10 at Namesilo. You can receive hosting below $5 each month at Siteground or similar hosting sites. A website doesn’t need to be expensive.

You can also join Wealthy Affiliate and learn Affiliate marketing while you build your affiliate site. Hosting is included in the membership. You receive 2 websites with the free membership.

If you want to read more about affiliate marketing, you can read my post Affiliate marketing for beginners.

Affiliate marketing without a website can be done, but is it worth it?

Affiliate marketing can be done without a website, but it can be seen some less professional or it can be very time-consuming. A landing page or a website can be beneficial to present and grow your business.

Have you tried the method above and have some comments? Or do you have another method that has worked for you? Please share it. Regardless I want to know what you think!

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