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Youtube is the world's second-biggest search engine, and more and more people are using Youtube to make money. So how can you do affiliate marketing on youtube?


Hi there, my name is Richard, and you will now learn how you can do affiliate marketing on youtube. 

Youtube is a great source of information, and more people are using youtube to solve their problems. If we have a question, we google it to find an answer. This answer can be in an article, but also youtube videos will now rank on google. 

Many people prefer to watch videos to get their answers. Then they go directly to youtube and search for their solutions. You can provide them with an answer, and the solution is your affiliate offer. 

What is affiliate marketing?

I want to give a short introduction to affiliate marketing. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.  Affiliate marketing is when you are getting a commission when you are recommending a product that ends in a sale. Some product offers only a few percents of the sales, where others may give you as high as 90%. 

Often this commission is related to what the cost them to get a new customer. If they are selling an information product to $197 and are giving 40% in commission, you receive $78.8. The reason is probably that it cost the product creator around $80 to sell his course through advertising. So if other people can make a living off it by recommending it to their audience, this is a win-win situation. 

Many businesses have made a business out of affiliate marketing.,, and similar companies make a commission when people are using their product to order a room. Several entrepreneurs are making a good living by doing affiliate marketing.

You can read about Affiliate Bootcamp where 15 super affiliates tell you how to earn money in 100 days by doing affiliate marketing.

How to make money on youtube by doing affiliate marketing

While youtube is growing, more and more people are using the platform to make money. Today it's two methods to make money on Youtube. 

  • By accepting advertising in your channel. That way you will make money
  • By promoting a product. This product can be your product or other products as an affiliate. 

You may make some money by advertising, but you need to have a lot of views and only very few people manage to have a full-time income by doing this. Many have a nice side income by accepting ads on their channel, but it's only a side income. 

Most people make money by promoting products. 

How to promote physical products on youtube

You can promote physical products. The commission is usually low since the competition is high and there is a cost to produce the product. So you need to have more views and promote more products to compensate for the low commission. 

As the video above where the youtube channel Best Kitchen Gadgets is demonstrating how to use 20 different kitchen gadgets they think its the best. In the description, you will find an affiliate link to amazon for the products they are showing. 

They are not showing face and is not talking. The video is a demonstration of the products with background music and some text on the video.

You can also create a review of one product like the video above. He shows his face, talks on the video, and is demonstrating the product. This product is a robot vacuum cleaner, and an advanced product like this demands a bit more speaking than a kitchen gadget. He is earning money by using affiliate links in the description. 

You can also teach how to do something. People are on youtube searching for help, and the video above want to help you clean your kitchen better and more effective. I hate cleaning so I love tips that makes it more easy for me. And what she is doing is showing products that make here clean the kitchen more efficiently. 

What is the description? Affiliate links for the products she is using. 

So you can promote physical products by:

  • Create "best of" videos or "Top trending videos" where you are demonstrating multiple products
  • Create a review of one product.
  • Create "how-to" videos where you teach how you can do a task where you are using products that will help your audience doing it. 

How to promote information products on youtube

You can also promote information products. The commission is usually higher and is often around 40%. Some have even 100% on the first product in their funnel, and 50% on the next ones. 

So why do they give such a high commission? To advertise cost money and if it cost them $40 to sell a product by advertising, why not give it to you if you provide them with a sale? 

Another big factor is that they also get an email address they can promote more to. So you are not only giving them a customer for free, but they also get the ability to promote more to them. 

One recommended method to promote information products is to create a bridge page. On this page, you are presenting the product and gives them bonuses when they order through your link. To get the bonus, they need to sign up before you are sending them to the product page. That way, you will also get their email address and follow up on them and later promote more products. 

Another tip is to threaten the affiliate product you are promoting as your own product. That way, it's not just a product, but a part of an offer you are promoting.

In the video above, you are learning the best method to make money online is by doing affiliate marketing. This video educates the viewer and has a link to his affiliate course in the description. This link could also be an affiliate link or link to a bridge page or a written review where there are affiliate links.

In this video, you learn how to create backlinks to your site. A topic many people are searching for, and this video is made to solve a specific problem, not a broad topic as how to make money online. Still, he has several link in the description to his tools.  

The video above is a standard review video where the creator is telling you about what this course. He is sharing his screen, and you see what you will receive when you are ordering the product.

So you can promote information products by:

  • Create How-to videos where you are promoting an information product as the best solution to solve their problem.  
  • Create a review of one product.

Affiliate marketing only on Youtube

You can do affiliate marketing by only doing youtube videos on your channel. I see most people are linking directly to the product page when it's a physical product. I see many people have a blog that they are also linking to, but this is not necessary. The blog is just an additional income source. 

I also see that most people that are promoting an information product is linking to a written review in addition to an affiliate link. Many are offering bonuses to increase the value of the product without increasing the price. So with information products, it's more common to link to their website. 

No one besides Youtube knows precisely how they rank the different videos.  What we know is that Youtube is making money from advertisers. If you are sending people away from youtube in every video, a rumor is that Youtube will lower your potential reach. To solve this, you can create how-to videos and educational videos where you are linking to a review video or best of video you have created. That way you are sending people to other youtube videos and youtube like that.

I also think it's wise to create an offer for your products, at least where you are receiving a bit of commission. With more expensive products like the robot vacuum cleaner, you can create a couple of videos on how to install and use it.  You give access to the videos as a bonus when they order it through your link. Another tip is that they need to sign up to your newsletter before they are ordering. That way, you can push people to your new videos and get more viewers fast by doing email marketing. Maybe they will also order more through your link?

Youtube and email marketing

More people are doing email marketing. I know there is much to learn to start with, but you don't need to do email marketing in the beginning. Learn how to create good videos, but after a time you want to think about email marketing. 

Youtube can shut you down, what do you do then? They can ban affiliate links, there is so much that can happen that destroys your income stream overnight. 

An email list is yours, and no one can take it away from you. With email marketing, you can:

  • Promote more products
  • Promote other social media you might be running
  • Promote your website
  • Promote your new blog post or youtube video to get more viewers fast that will help you rank. 
  • Educate your audience to help them reach their goals. 


To do affiliate marketing on youtube is a great way to make an income. All you need to do is to create a youtube channel and it's free. 

So by creating how-to, best of or review videos, you are offering advice to your viewers where they can find the solution in your affiliate link. 

That way you can create yourself a side income that later can replace your primary income. 

You can also allow advertising on your youtube channel that will boost your income a bit higher. How many viewers you have and the niche will decide how much you will receive. 

Later you want to be a bit more advanced and add email marketing to your business where you can earn more money from the same user. 

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I recommend you to check out the courses I recommend by clicking here

Richard Walker

I'm a father of three children who are very important to me. The 9 to 5 world with small children can be tiresome and I want to break free.

So join me on my path to online income where I find the best way so you can do the same!

Richard Walker

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