About Me

Hi and welcome to The Path To Online Income.


My name is Richard Walker

I’m a father of two children and have a dream to live the online dream. This site is about my path to online income, what I have learned and maybe you will also learn something?

I want to live the online dream to become geographical independent and to decide how my day will be. And maybe have a bit shorter days then the corporate day.

I want to spend more time with my family and do more things that I enjoy. I’m an engineer and enjoy my work, but to become geographical independent and maybe earn a little more money then now is an exciting idea.

Now that I’m a father to two boys I also think this can be something that will help my children, especially the one that have special needs.


I hope you will enjoy what I have learned and what I write about. I Will love to hear from you and maybe topics that you want to learn more about regarding the online marketing.

My path to online income

I started my path to online income for a couple of years ago. I listened to Tom Woods Show, and he had a bonus show where he talked with Sara Young that presented Constant Profits Club. I signed up and watched all the sales webinars that both here and her partner Andrew Hansen had.

I learned some and tried to do it on my own…. and I failed. I failed in niche research and what is selling on amazon.com. Today the site is earning enough to pay for the domain and maybe its share of the hosting cost with google ads.

My Dropshipping journey began

Later Tom Woods had a new guest on his show. This guest was Steve Clayton, and he talked about his course 100k Factory Ultra. The course was about drop shipping from Aliexpress. I watched more sales webinars and found out what the model was about, some of the details they didn’t give us in the presentation.

From my first project with affiliate marketing, I also learned that not everything could be done by yourself. So this time I joined the course, and I was excited!

I followed the course and tried my best to make my path to online income. Most of the people that do drop shipping struggle. I was also one of them in the beginning. After some months I found my winning product and made some money. There were others there that had mixed results and a few that did it exceptionally well.

My dropshipping success…. and failure

My winning product was a carabiner with a knife, and this is classified as a weapon by Facebook, so my ads were after a couple of months stopped. I was again without a winning product and continued to test products. Made some sales, but didn’t find a winning product.

So one year after I joined their next course that was 100k Factory Revolution. This course was an updated dropshipping training, and I have to say that we 100k Factory Ultra members should receive a more significant discount then we gained. The added value was not worth the cost. And I did not find more winning products.

What I have learned about drop shipping

What I have learned is that drop shipping is about testing. We were told this all the time, but to test 50+ products and spend a lot of money on Facebook ads was not something for me.

I needed to test maybe two products a day to find something that works in reasonable time, and I didn’t have the time for this. After some time without results, you get bored, and you lose interest. This journey was not so fun anymore.

Drop shipping is basically to throw products to the wall and see what sticks. With the increased Facebook ad cost, increased competition, it was time to do something else.

I learned a lot from my experience, from the courses I bought and I know this works. You need to go all in. In 100K Factory Ultra we learned that we need to test 20 products, and you have 100k a year business. It was easier at that time, and the competition grew fast every month.

I do not regret this journey, and It was fun when I had 30-40 order every day for a couple of months. The dropshipping business still interests me, and I have later tested other courses, especially from the people that I follow and trust. I continue to update my self on facebook groups, and maybe I will do it again.

My Affiliate Marketing journey has just started

So I bought Savage Affiliate by Franklin Hatchett after following him on youtube. Affiliate marketing seems very interesting me, and I have taken some action. So I have a couple of sites that I’m working with, and now I’m researching and want to build this site.

What I have learned is that I need to take more action, spend my little free time more wisely and do things. I research affiliate marketing and write about it here while I do some work on my other site.

I have earned some commissions, but nothing to brag about. Do you want to follow me on my path to online income and learn with me? Maybe we can go the path and reach our goal together?

Richard Walker
The Path To Online Income