About Me

Hi and welcome to The Path To Online Income.

My name is Richard Walker

I started my path to online income for 5 years ago. I made an affiliate site that promoted amazon products. I spent a lot of time researching SEO and made a lot of errors. I also wasted a lot of time on strategies that didn’t work. After one year my Amazon affiliate site finally received a little traffic, but I needed another 2 months before I got my first affiliate sale. It was tough work and patience that made this successful.

Later I also started a Clickbank site where I promoted others information products. With all the work on my Amazon site, this time it took less time to rank on google. In the years I have tested many niches and have several affiliate sites that give me a passive income with little work.

Lately, I have researched a lot on drop shipping. When I was ready, I started a general store, and I have never regretted that. The power of Facebook is great, and it didn’t take a long time before I had a winning product. Drop shipping is a great way to start your path to online income if you have some start capital and knowledge.

Now I want to help others on their path to online income. Can I be your guide on the road?

As a father of two children, this is something that is important to me. I know how tiresome there is to be at work, maybe you don’t like the job? Is the boss an ass? So you want to be more with your family and do more of what you love to do. I want to help others to gain the freedom I now have.

I’m still early in this process and have much work to do, but our goal is to be the place where you can find all the latest and best information on how to make an income from home.

If you have information, suggestions or questions, please contact us at our contact page. We are happy to hear from you.

Richard Walker
The Path To Online Income