How to make an online income

There are many ways you can make some money online. Some sources of income require more work than others, and some need more start-up cost than others. The results are usually also different. You can find an opportunity that can give you substantial online income and you can scale it to the moon. Others are more like an online side income.

The online marketing business is different from the norm where people have to work in the office from eight to six. All you need is a computer and a decent internet connection to make money online. You also need to find the opportunities in the selected niche and find the openings that are ready to be exploited. To earn money have never been easier.

The online mode of making money is preferable as it requires a minimal amount of startup capital. You can invest some time to research and figure out the right avenue for you to exploit.  Then channel some money and time with the primary goal of receiving more money out of it.

When you need just a laptop and an internet connection, you also have geographical freedom. You can run your business from your home, summer house or at the beach. When you have your business running and people that do the daily routine tasks, you are freer to do what you want.

Below is a summary of the most prominent opportunities that are out there for your path to online income.

Is affiliate marketing your path to online income?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common forms of making online income. The startup cost is usually low, but require a bit of work in the beginning. The income you can make is good, but usually, affiliate sites are only an excellent online side income. Several sites are often required for you to have a full yearly online income. After you have made some affiliate sites, your affiliate empire can give you money for years with minimal cost and maintenance.

Some like to create a website. Others prefer to create a blog as it is much more affordable since one can design and create some content for themselves. In this current and contemporary world, social media platforms are also instrumental in affiliate marketing. An email newsletter can also be useful to achieve the goal of trying to put the information out there about one’s venture.

Do you research

To figure out what is selling, you need to do research what is trending. Then you will identify the topics that resonate with a passionate people that are growing from year to year. After determining a key area, you need to create some content around the same topic on a website, social media platforms or in a newsletter.

Consequently, you will do marketing of products for others on websites, blogs, in an email newsletter or a distinct social media account. When a client or a potential customers click on a specified link to conduct a purchase, they are redirected to the website of the affiliate partner. There they finish the transaction, and you make money in the form of a commission off the sale.

Any purchase conducted through the affiliate link earns one a commission, and you don’t need to be concerned about any shipping or customer care.

Where to find affiliate offers?

CJ Affiliate, Clickbank, JVZoo, and Amazon are the leading affiliate marketing websites hence any person willing and ready to venture into this kind of online money making should commence by marketing leading products from these popular sites.

You can also search online for online stores that have an affiliate program. However, its advised to start with the ones above. When you have consistent affiliate sales, you can find shops that give you better affiliate earnings.

Affiliate marketing has a hefty reward, especially where one undertakes and focuses on a single specific topic.  If you have a good website cutting across one particular and unique niche, you can be sure to do well. You just need to work hard to create credible traffic.

Want to know more about Amazon affiliate? You can read our blog post about Amazon affiliate marketing.

To become an affiliate marketer you can also search on youtube for almost everything you need of info. Some like to take courses to gain the knowledge. The good thing about courses is that this is often a proven method on how to do it. You will not be sidetracked or confused by different opinions. This can easily happen on youtube. I have written a review on two courses I have tested and you can read about them here.

Is drop shipping your path to online income?

Drop shipping is a good way of making money online since you don’t even get to do the shipping. It entails very little investment and maintenance if done correctly. It can be a side income or one of your most prominent path to an online income.

However, it is advisable that you have a corporate entity before venturing into this business to protect yourself from any potential liability that might emanate or result from this drop shipping business. If you choose to do it without as a corporate entity, you should select only products that are safe to dropship. You should avoid baby products, electrical products, and skin care products.

People who stick with dropshipping and do it consistently beyond six months do well, and some even average an income of ten thousand dollars a month later on. The ones that find the correct products to the right audience have sold for above one mil USD in one year. If the profit is 30% that is common, they have 300k+ USD in revenue. If you have this kind of success, this is a massive income that you receive from just one store.

You can also read more about drop shipping here.

Marketing your dropship business

With drop shipping, you can rely on SEO and let customers find you with Google, but the most popular marketing method is with use of Facebook and Instagram.


You can start a Shopify store that is a platform made for e-commerce and advertise on Facebook. You do some test advertising for the different products to different audiences to see if the products will sell.



If it sells, you can increase the advertising budget to sell even more. If you are spending $5 on Facebook advertising and receive $20 back in sales, this is something you can earn a lot of money on. Just increase the budget and watch all the sales you receive. The product may also sell little or does not sell at all. Then you just stop the advertising, and you have not wasted too much money.

Don’t follow the sheep’s

Branding is essential as it sets you apart from the rest. Vision, values and mission statements also make you appear very professional including the general appearance of the sales page. You ought to use professional photos instead of ordinary images since perception is everything, especially in this drop shipping business. Be a bit different so you stand out.

Dropship from E-bay or Amazon?

You can also drop ship from the E-bay and Amazon platforms. The knowledge you need to begin on E-bay and Amazon is lower than to make your own site, but then you don’t have the same control on the sales funnel and customers.

Some have also argued against starting on e-bay and Amazon since there are very many competitors whom the buyers usually compare your deals against the others. They recommend having your own platform or store could tend to be much more profitable and it also harbors much more potential for growth.

Is Fiverr your path to online income?

Anyone can sign up to Fiverr, and they can start selling and rendering their services in this marketplace starting from $5 by selling different things ranging from logos, transcripts and other various types of creations. Other services provided include translations and business promotions including other forms of social networking.

“Gigs” are the services offered on fiver are called, and different people are providing their online services.

Find your gig and make your sale page

A quick glance at other peoples work and what they are selling can give you a smart idea about a relevant gig that you can create and start earning money quickly.

After figuring out what you desire to do, you can proceed to make or create a gig. An example can be, “I will create quality football review videos for $5”.

You can then proceed to create a great and well-looking gig image, and if you are not confident enough in yourself, you can hire someone else to do it. A good gig description can also help you to have a competitive edge over other people selling the same service including the use of vital keywords to ensure that your gig comes up first in the case of a search.

The use of a video for your gig can also help to make your gig more saucy and attractive thus enhancing your rankings by ensuring that many people pay attention.

If you have access to software that can quickly do different things, it is highly advised to offer the service on Fiverr. An example can be to find keywords in a niche or backlinks to a site.  This task is done very fast with software, and you can also outsource the work when you receive orders regularly.

Is Udemy your path to online income?

Udemy is a platform where people can enroll for varying learning courses. The instructors can develop their courses, and Udemy has necessary tools to help the instructors to upload videos, audios and any other learning materials such as PDF’S and zip files.

Udemy has different categories where the users opt for the given course that they are interested in to learn. You can, therefore, create such a video and such learning tools to be used to teach your respective students.

In the case of a book, it can be offered to as many people as possible to ensure that Udemy gradually commences marketing your course.

Use of Udemy affiliate

Udemy affiliates entail selling of various courses on Udemy to get a commission. This is possible if you have a website that has some traffic. Udemy has very commendable rates as it gives a total of 40% of the cut to the affiliate. The only thing that you need to do is to get an affiliate link from Udemy.

When you identify a niche, you need to create good content such as reviews. The material can generate ample traffic, and then you can add the affiliate links to the chosen courses in that specified niche.

Is offering online courses your path to online income?

Most people are hungry for information, and they spend hours digging and looking up for things online. Therefore, if you package a small course that you can deliver to your clients online, you can make a few bucks off the same without incurring a lot. Most people even teach languages online through platforms such as Skype whereas others also use platforms such as Instagram. Several people educate their clients about things such as cryptocurrencies which have been wiping people off their feet.


People struggle on a daily basis to learn about things which appear alien to them including things that they struggle to deal with on a regular basis. Some people want motivational lessons; others wish teachings about weight loss or playing a specific instrument or communicating within a particular language fluently. The topics are virtually endless. You can, therefore, create some modules and you will be sure to make something off this continually growing and evolving multi-billion industry.

There are other ways to make money online

The methods above are the most prominent sources of online income this site will concentrate on, but below I will list more ways to earn money. This doesn’t mean that the methods below are lesser alternatives, but I don’t want to write so thoroughly on the subjects right now.

Purchase and sell websites online

This is the method where investors have been scampering away for the safety of their investments. You can create a marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect from distinct parts of the world, and you get to retain a certain proportion emanating from every sale. It requires quite some high level of investment and capital, and it also has several risks just like any other investment. With a lot of work, your site can grow well and become a good pool for the purchase and selling of websites. You will then be guaranteed to make some considerable amount of income from the sales.

Write E-books

E-books have skyrocketed to become a leading model of making money online. It has transformed and revolutionized the old and conventional way of publishing books.

The old ways of selling books are therefore a thing of the past. The rapid growth of technology has accelerated the access to computers thus most people are technologically savvy, and they can download the e-books and read them from their laptop or tablets.

E-books already now occupy the considerable percentage of books that are sold in the United States which is approximately 20% of the total books sold.

Your books can also be sold directly from your website, and they can be written in varying genres.

You can also create an account on Amazon to sell your books, and it can be marketed on social media websites providing or furnishing a direct link to purchase the book directly on Amazon. Amazon has already a lot of customers and your books will be more easy to find them on your website.

Do Freelancing

Freelancing is an excellent way of making money online where this specific skill set of freelancing can be employed to generate enough revenue if put to good use. This entails the use of websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

You can make money as a website designer including graphics and other related things. Other people also make colossal amounts of money by editing podcasts and other tools such as freelance writing. This entails being paid premised on the number of words that you write, especially in article writing, blogging and in the conduct of marketing through emails.

Make an income from sponsored content and ads

This is most lucrative for people who have websites with heavy and credible traffic. This also includes other social media platforms where you can get paid to advertise things based on the number of followers or likes that your page has. A podcast can also be instrumental in selling content and advertisement as long you podcast have many listeners.

If you have an affiliate site or other websites, this can be an online income that grows your bank account. A little side income that adds up to the rest of your revenue streams. Remember this is passive income that you don’t need to maintain.

Do blogging

Create a blog mainly for the use of WordPress helps you to start making some stellar online income. Mostly, this is passive income, and you have to ensure that you generate a lot of traffic in a bid to monetize the blog. You also have to create a lot of content to ensure that your blog does not end up becoming outdated. However, it might take you a lot of time before you monetize the blog and generate income from it. It also includes a lot of maintenance costs if you want to have an excellent blog.

Consultation and coaching services as online income

There is a myriad of topics which you can coach people about. Some topics have been a subject of a rather long and tedious semantic debate, but people are always willing and ready to be coached on the right topics. As long the coaching appears appealing and vital to them, people will buy to gain knowledge. In this contemporary and fast-moving world, people are struggling with issues such as confidence, how to dress and present oneself for an interview, marital issues, and relationship issues and goals etcetera. This can be a gratifying task especially if you are very passionate about the same.


It is therefore succinctly clear that it is possible to make money online through the above-highlighted methods if you follow through and are very consistent.

The only thing that you should be wary of is online schemes which delude gullible and innocent people. The people who are always in a rush to make money as fast as possible through all means available.

Online marketing was straightforward in the past, but now you have more competition. You have to be a bit smarter and work a little bit harder, but the opportunities are absolutely there. Not only for a bit of side income but also to live the online dream as a millionaire.

To gain the knowledge to do this can be hard. You can learn a lot from on Youtube that has videos about almost everything for free. The downside is you can easily be sidetracked on Youtube. You can also gain so much different information that you will be confused. To pay for courses and information with proven methods can be very time saving and lucrative. Why waste time and money for a couple of years to learn it yourself? You can pay for access to a course that will, most probably, give you results in a couple of months. Time is also money so use it wisely.

Today we generally watch too much TV or play too much computer games. Do some research, watch some youtube videos, read some blogs (this one) to find more about these topics. Maybe buy a course and learn something about the topics. Do something useful instead of watching tv or play video games in your spare time. This can be a side income that pays for the next vacation. With a bit of work, this can also be your online dream.


Can you watch tv a few hours less next week to start your path to online income?